Tomorrow is a Big Day....

  1. Well....tomorrow is the day I defend my Masters Thesis! 11 AM! Yikes!

    I finished my presentation earlier this week and have been avoiding it ever since. So tomorrow morning will be spent poring over my notes and prepping!

    Then late tomorrow night (hubby has to work late :tdown:) hubby & I will go out to dinner to celebrate :smile:

    I'm excited....2 years of work finally done! And happy that I can move on to my dissertation and start getting some real research done and start publishing!
  2. Who says hard work doesn't pay off? Congrats!:nuts:
  3. Ooooh, you must be so excited! Congratulations!
  4. U GO GIRL!
    U will do great!
  5. Thanks!!!! I'll just be relieved to get it over with KWIM? Just like a big load of bricks off my shoulders!
  6. Good Luck Twiggers!
  7. Good luck!!
  8. good luck twiggers.
  9. That's awesome!! You go!!
  10. Good luck! You'll do great. :yes:
  11. Good luck! We're all rooting for you!
  12. Thanks everyone!!!
  13. Good Luck!
  14. Good Luck! Knock em' dead!
  15. yay for you!!!!!:yahoo: I'm so happy for you!!! You will do great!!!!!:flowers: