Tomorrow at NM stores only! Earn 10,000 Bonus InCircle Points!

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  1. #1 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
    Anyone see this?
    Pretty much buy something from shoes handbags or ladies fine apparel and get 10,000 for each purchase to redeem for $100 neimans card for each 10,000 points!
    I was going to buy shoes at Saks for a $25 gift card, but the same shoes at neimans will give me a $100 gift card..
  2. I received this email as well! Seems like a pretty good deal since they did not specify a minimum amount - only that it has to be purchased on the NM or BG card. Thinking of getting some Loubies or Chanel ballerinas. Thanks for posting!
  3. Yeah, I might have to make a midday trip to Tysons Galleria tomorrow to pick up a little something. Of course Louis Vuitton is excluded, but I expected that. I just wish they were better about stocking my shoe size (10.5).
  4. yep, I called and they said "no minimum, on anything except LV and Chanel".
  5. now does anyone know which NM has Michael Kors? I'm supposed to bring this to my MIL when I go visit, so if a NM has it, that'd be AMAZING!!
  6. Also don't forget they still have 6 months no interest equal payments for $1000 plus!
  7. No minimum? So I'll be able to buy a pair of Tory Burch Miller sandals and still be able to receive the points? Sounds good to me! Thanks for posting :smile:
  8. that means purchase of one pair of shoes from $1 or $1000, or whatever, you get 10000, which redeems for $100?
  9. Is this available to anyone with a Neimans card? Do you have to be an Incircle member or provide a copy of the email? I have a Neimans card but did not get the email and was wondering if I am eligible? This is a great deal. I was going to get a pair of Hunter boots at Saks tomorrow, but will buy them at NM instead. This definitely beats out Saks' spend some get some.
  10. ^^^ I would like to know too; I have a Neimans card but I didn't receive an email.
  11. ^Yes, I would imagine one would have to be a member of Incircle to be able to redeem the 10,000 points for the $100 Incircle gift card. If you have a Neiman's card, joining Incircle is free. All you have to do is sign up to receive these kinds of emails and perks. HTH!
  12. ^^^ The offer is in store only... so even if you didn't get an email (sent out by SA- not NM corporate) is all you have to do is go to any NM store!!!
  13. ^My email was from NM Store (which is Corporate, I think)...However, I am sure they will honor the offer in store regardless of whether you received it or not (and as long as you have a NM or BG card)!
  14. They will. It is on the NM website under store locations and events. You just have to use your NM card Amex is not eligible.
  15. According to the email I received, only LV is excluded. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    I wish they can include Chanel.