Tomorrow 8am Saks?

  1. From anyone's past experience, is it really worth fighting the crowd at 8am? I really want the Cole Haan air boots.
  2. What do the Cole Haan air booys look like? Do you have a link?
  3. I don't know if they'll have them in the store or's a shame you can't call!

    I love the tall boots!
  4. i am going tomorrow at 8am in manhattan and i think its going to be crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i dont think i will even try to go to the shoe section.. just going to grab some jeans and bags hopefully!!
  5. fashionLOVE...GOOD LUCK! lol!
  6. i am going to go to
  7. I'm planning to go to Saks tomorrow too! I tried ordering the shoes I wanted online this morning and it was not available in my size anymore. :sad:
  8. Do they answer the phones for phone orders?
  9. Try calling an SA when they open, they can do a search if you have the item #.
  10. It'll be a long shot but I'll try!
  11. I'm going tomorrow as well. From past experience, they oftentimes have items in the store that they do not have on the website. It is quite possible they will have the boots you are looking for in the store. And, yes, it's definitely worth going.
  12. I'm definitely going at 7:45am!
  13. I talked with my friend who works at Saks (San Francisco) and they were told that if the floor is busy, not to conduct phone orders from patrons. However, they will do them if requested from another store by a SA. It kinda makes sense in a way -- last year my friend was tied up for over 3 hours with phone orders. The day after Xmas sales are never a good time to ask probing questions via phone.

    One guy called the store and wanted my friend to tell him if the cushion on the Prada loafers was "spongy" or "merely soft" -- LOL!