Tommy Hilfiger clothes use dog fur!!

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  1. hi. i'm not sure whether there are other posts about this. i wanted to let you goes know- if arent already aware- that tommy hilfiger, a designer whom i believe to be one of the most uninspiring and least talented of all the american designers, has been caught using dog fur on his clothes and passing it off as fake. it is unclear whether or not they knew the fur was from dogs, but im sure they knew it was not fake. When the story broke, they issued a lame press release that can be viewed on their website under corporate, and latest press. this press release admits to nothing, but promised they wont use real fur in the future. in my opinion, that is not enough of an apology. please email and call them (you can find the contact info for their publicity department below the press release)- and demand that they make a proper apology by making a sizeable donation to the humane society. thanks guys!
  2. Dog fur? What a scumbag. :yucky:
  3. I saw that same thing on the news the other day- some places were caught using cat fur too. PETA has a really awful video on their site- I couldnt watch it !! I never liked fur bagsmuch anyway and I'm NOT a real-fur fan but this reeeeeally changed my mind !!! NEVER EVER will I buy a real fur ANYTHING
  4. We have always called his line.....Tommy Smell My Finger...........How brutal!!!!!
  5. Actually, as I understand the story, the Chinese factories that manufacture the clothes were using a type of fur from an animal called "raccoon dog" (which is not actually a dog, but a rodent) for several brands including Hilfiger and Sean Jean instead of the fake fur they were contracted for without those companies' approval or knowledge. When they found out, they cancelled their contracts with the manufacturer. I don't condone the use of the fur either way, but it was my understanding it was the Chinese companies that were at fault.
  6. We still affectionally call his line that in our household....
  7. Tommy is disgusting...there are many stories about him and his company in NYC fashion circles. None of which I will repeat here...let's just say he is not known as the nicest guy in the world. No surprise on the dog fur..I also heard the Sean Jean line had problems with this as well. To me, Tommy has always been a poor imitation of the master, Ralph Lauren.
  8. I think Puff Daddy's clothes line also had the same issue.
  9. urghhh.. i hope they dont use it. Its disgusting!!
  10. Based on what I know, his company did not investigate or stop their contracts with the chinese company until peta and the humane society discovered what was going on. I just think its rotten to lie to his customers. Tommy hilfiger can pretend they did not know what was going on, but regardless, if he put his name on something than that makes him responsible for it. I just think its crappy to market real fur as fake. And isn't it lovely to know he makes his clothes in some crap factory in china, without checking it out first. The least his company can do is give a proper apology and give a dontation to Peta or the humane society. And yes, racoon dogs are not pets but they still have real fur! Thanks for your comments guys- if you are angry please let tommy hilfiger know that what they did was wrong. And don't buy his stuff- you can do so much better anyway!
  11. By the way Tommy's rip off Apprentice show was garbage and his clothes are terrible. I agree that he is definitely the poor man's Ralph Lauren. His pr people have been completely ignoring the emails of myself and my friends.
  12. Is this label still going!? Thought it was dead after the 90s. :rolleyes:
  13. Goshdarnit! I just got a pink blazer from Tommy Hilfiger and I loooooove it! Now I feel bad...:crybaby:
    Ha. Poor man's Ralph Lauren. Ha. Please let me wear it!!!!! PLEASE? :cry:

  14. dog fur? reminds me of 'cruella de ville' from '101 dalmations'