Tommorrow is Another Day...You Could Not Resist...

  1. Imagine...tomorrow is a brillant day... You locate/are called about/etc. XXX... What Hermes-related XXX would you, could you, not refuse??? In fact, this location/call/etc. would make your day...

    Is your XXX a bag...small accessory...scarf...bracelet...other???
  2. At the moment, what would make my day would be ...

    Diamond Hermes Paprika Watch w/ Black Dial and Fuchsia Croc Watch Strap

    Apparently, they don't make it anymore. Ugh ... I like that style the best.
  3. HAC or birkin natural barenia....or a y ellow birkin...the yellow form back in the day!
  4. YOU KNOW MY WISH LIST!! :p or a barenia BIRKIN? :nuts:

    I love DREAMING threads, but I don't want to say too much and get my hopes UP!!:sweatdrop:
  5. Yellow in chevre or epsom?
  6. I would not say no to (in fact I would shamelessly beg for) a 28 cm rigide black box kelly or a 30 cm black box Birkin both with gold h/w).
  7. I am so easy it is pathetic!! A birkin, ofcourse, in any color on my wishlist...heck, I would be tempted by any Birkin NOT on my wishlist too.
  8. What would make my day is the handbag that I had to turn down because of legal fees that I was able to call and say send it to me.

    A 32cm Kelly in gray.. now that would make not only my day but year!!!
  9. I could not resist...a 35 cm kelly (or birkin, most likely) in one of "my" colors w/ "appropriate" leather/ thinking seriously about a 28 cm kelly...if I liked the leather/HW combo...I think it would be mine... And now seem unable to say no to an interesting bracelet...
  10. Rose has seen me in action. Waive a Birkin in front of my face and I melt like butter. I obviously am not near the take it slow phase...wish I was!!
  11. I technically could not buy ANY bag at this moment but I would absolutely snap up the Passage A Paris scarf in the red/white/orange colorway.
  12. :yes: :roflmfao:
  13. ^^I know willpower whatsoever!! It is really sad!
  14. Anything in PORC delivered by.......................Johnny Depp..........(same shirt thing as before).
  15. I probably could not be trusted around anything 40cm and in Coromandel.....but otherwise, I am being a good girl until NYC.