Tommorow the PF will be down...maybe I will clean

  1. What will you do? I have to admit, the housework is piling up! LOL
    Maybe I can clean up a little! HEE HEEE
  2. :wtf: NO WAY!!! That means I have to start living again!!!
  3. :wtf:I just got back from my vacation!
  4. Dont panic..I am sure it wont be that long! LOL Just enough time for me to clean the kitchen! LOL
  5. It's good timing for me actually..I will be spending time with DH for once!!!:roflmfao:
  6. :wtf: I guess the timing is good for me, though. I've got a rush job to work on tomorrow.
  7. You crazy fool! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. I'll be at work anyway thank goodness. Ah, to be a working girl...I'm still getting used to that word.
  9. it'll be a good day for me too. my new computer is coming tomorrow, and my boyfriend's going to help me assemble it:yahoo:!
  10. Wait, argh, tomorrow as in from what time? Which timezone are we talking? I need to plan my day/nite so as to minimise the separation anxiety and withdrawal syndrome.
  11. It may go down earlier than later.
  12. What??? You mean I'm actually going to have to do some work at work tomorrow? :nuts:
  13. Guess I will have to work. And it is FRIDAY!
  14. I'll be at work too. And I'll actually have to WORK.:yucky:
  15. Selena, this thread cracked me up! Every night I say to myself that I will read and then I come here and it's ALL OVER!:lol: