TomKat's Suri

  1. I thought this was funny...

    Suri, the moniker for the Cruise-Holmes baby, came under scrutiny like everything else surrounding the child. Whereas the couple's publicist pointed out that Suri means "princess" in Hebrew and "red rose" in Persian, the Los Angeles Times pointed out that Suri means "pickpocket" in Japanese. It also was the acronym for what once was known as the Syracuse University Research Institute.

  2. tom cruise has pretty much offended all of my sensabilities in the past few years. i'm mildly offended that he picked a hebrew name, regardless of the fact that it means things in other languages...he obviously did very little research on the subject. he should have just given her some alien name and left it at that.
  3. This may be off topic but I heard that tomkat's first paparazzi pic of the baby will go for probably 1 million and for brangelina's baby 2 million! crazy! i need to go into that business!
  4. :lol: I saw that on CNN last night.

  5. Giggle giggle:lol:
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  7. Must have been a slow day for Los Angeles Times.:oh:
  8. this version is more believable

    suri = surrey, which is also a region of england, which is where the "deceased" L. Ron Hubbard's home is located and it is the headquarters of Scientology in the UK.

  9. That does make a lot of sense!! Good researching Fayden!

    I was just quoting what I read from,1,18841,00.html?fdnews
  10. Yes, that would be perrrfecttt. How does she put up with him? This is the only celebrity couple I keep up with only because it is so sick and weird. I can't keep my "eyes off" them, if you know what I mean.
  11. I would have thought he would have picked something weird as well though I'm not fond of Suri either, considering after what I read off this thread :lol: but hey to each of their own.
  12. lol i was more irritated by the fact that her middle names include "L. Ronnette."

    like L. Ron Hubbard, founder of scientology.

    poor kid. doesn't have a chance.
  13. This is funny

    "Nobody here has ever really heard of it," an announcer onArmy Radio said during a discussion Thursday. The Yediot Ahronot newspaper agreed in its half-page splash on the celebrity birth.
    "We seem to have learned a new Hebrew word — and from Tom Cruise, no less," said a Channel 2 TV anchorman.
    Cruise's publicist said Tuesday the name has its origins in Hebrew meaning "princess" or in Persian meaning "red rose."
    Avshalom Koor, who has for years presented TV and radio spots on the intricacies of Hebrew, said Suri was a derivation of Sarah — the name of Biblical patriarch Abraham's wife — as pronounced by some Central European Jews.
    "Suri is a pet name for Sarah," Koor told Army Radio. "The Ashkenazi (Jews) of Poland and Hungary pronounce it Suri."
    In ancient Hebrew, Sarah is the feminine form of "Sar," or lord. In modern Hebrew, the word means a Cabinet Minister.
    Koor suggested a far better known but no less majestic name, noting the baby was born during the Passover holiday, which commemorates the escape of the ancient Israelites from bondage in Egypt.
    "You could call her Geula (redemption)," he said.
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  15. I thought that baby would be named Xenu, for sure.