TomKat help car crash victims!!!

  1. The crash happened on 101 Freeway, LA. They were on their way home from LAX saturday night when they saw a pair of motorists was in distress. They pulled over and checked to make sure that driver, name Jon Henningsen, and his wife were not seriously injured. Amazingly, they then stuck around until the police and fire department arrived. This is definitely not something that we can hear everyday!

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  2. I read this as well...good for them. It was truly a great act of kindness.
  3. Awww... how nice of them... :smile: *tear*
  4. Yes, that was indeed very kind.
    But I still don't like Tom.
  5. that was really nice of them!! did you hear about the random person who helped bill gates out in BC (go BC! :smile:) ahah.. KARMA!
  6. that's so nice of them.
  7. Can you imagine the look on the distressed motorists' faces when they see TomKat walked up to help them? :nuts: It's not everyday to have celebs come to your rescue.
  8. I'm so touched.
  9. that is very nice of them, not everyone would do that!
  10. :throwup: you're my hero tom
  11. wow they did? i'm actually impressed. now where is suri?