Tomato RH Day or Sang SGH City?

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  1. I'm in a dilemma right now... Can seem to decide which one I want.
    I don't own any B bags yet and I really want a red bag for my upcoming B day. Which one should I choose? Lovely ladies please give me your opinion:angel:~
  2. Tomato RH Day. I prefer the Tomato leather, and I prefer RH.
  3. tomato rh, I don't like sang with GSH that much. . .
  4. tomato
  5. I like the City more. Not a fan of the Day at all but that's me. Pick what works for you.
  6. Tomato Day.
  7. Hmm, both great choices!

    If you like a bag that's really easy to wear adn holds lots, go for the day.

    If you want a great bag that you can wear in multiple different ways - over the shoulder, in your hand, with the shoulder strap...then get the city.

    What are your other bags like? I think it comes down to personal preference, i think the SGH city would look slightly more structured that the day.
  8. tomato has smooshy, amazing leather! and the color is so bright and cheerful. go tomato!
  9. Thanks all of you wonderful ladies!
    I haven't made up my mind yet. I love the color of tomato, but since it's going to be my first B bag, I sorta want it to be a city.
    I'm so torned:Push:
  10. You should wait for the Tomato City, it shows up every now & then.

  11. I think if you really want a city, you should keep looking for a tomato city :smile: You will always remember your first Bbag, so you would be making it extra special!
  12. I much prefer the city over the day!
  13. get a city for your first!
  14. I'm biased obviously, since I have a Sang City SGH otw :smile: Sang is a nice neutral red IMO, very easy to wear and match.
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