Tomato or Rouge VIF city?

  1. Ahhhh!! B-bags are NOT for the indecisive. I put a Rouge VIF city on layaway last winter and then in the meantime, I decided I loved tomato. I bought a tomato first, which I love. The leather is matte (not shiney) but distressed.

    So in the meantime, I hear the leather on the tomato cities is gorgeous and I have doubts about the rouge vif city because it is 2006. So I buy the tomato city. I haven't used it yet because I wanted to see the rouge VIF city next to it before deciding which one to keep. I thought it would be easy. I was leaning towards the tomato city because I LOVE the leather on it. Now I picked up the rouge vif and it is not an easy choice.

    The color is not as different as I would have thought. The tomato is only slightly oranger.

    The rouge vif is completely matte and NO distressing. Very unique and pretty but since it is a city, I would tend to use it more often and I am afraid every scratch would show but I think the matte finish in a red bag is stunning.

    The leather on the tomato city is stunning too. Very shiney and very distressed but not veiny. Thick, too.

    I could easily take back the tomato city but the rouge vif is not returnable. Although that is not the deciding factor, it is something to consider. HELP!!
  2. Can you post pictures?? Also, please share where you found your rouge vif bag?? I thought it was impossible to get that color (except used) since it was from 2006 (have been wanting one too)!
  3. I hear ya. I too was debating btween Vif and Tomato, and at the end of the day I went for Tomato because of the leather.

    I'm not a fan of smooth, matte leather without any distressing. And since all the Vifs I've seen here had leather like that, I decided to go for Tomato.

    Well, the leather on my Tomato is a Bbag perfection, if you ask me.
    Wrinkly, evenly distressed, and has nice amount of glaze, NOT shine. It's also the softest new bag I've ever had, it needs absolutely no breakn-in:tender:

    I hear that Tomato has orange hue ONLY when put next to Vif, but to my eyes, it's a true lipstick red...I love it:heart:

    I think it depends on what kind of leather you prefer: smooth and no distressing or wrinkly and distressed?

  4. Well, I have pretty much decided to keep the rouge vif. I guess the thing I like about it is that is is different. I have a violet city with leather that is pretty similar to the tomato so I just want something a little unique. Both bags are gorgeous in their own way, but that rouge vif just looks so elegant and classy.
  5. I love the Rouge Vif...and some of 06 bags had really great leather !!!
    So if you have found a good RV specimen, I would keep it without hesitation !!
  6. I'd keep the VIF....out of all the 2006 colors I really think it had the best leather!!!
  7. sounds like you're partial to the vif. :smile:
  8. I was noiticing that you have the violet first on your wish list ... why don't you exchange the tomato for that, and keep the rouge vif? just a thought ...
  9. I haven't updated that in a while but I have a violet first. Ok. Now I am leaning toward the tomato city again. I love the rouge vif but I am too afraid to even use it. It is going to show every mark.
  10. I think the colors are similar, but I feel the Tomato is brighter and therefore more appealing. Also, I prefer '07 leather to '06 leather. So I vote Tomato!!
  11. I just purchased a Tomato City from Saks in Boca. (Tax free and no shipping, btw).
    I prefer the distressed look of Bbags, so I am hoping this one will look that way. I debated for a long time b/w the Rouge and Tomato and after purchasing my Anthracite City which has little distressing and is very matte, I decided I wanted the opposite in a red colored bag. I'm crossing my fingers!!