Tomato or French Blue?

  1. Hi Gals,

    Just want some suggestions. I want a bright color bag for fall. I already have a Marigold First from the 2004 collection, but I'm having a hard time deciding what color to get my city in...

    Does anyone know if the French blue city is still available?

    Or would you recommend the Tomato color, since its available for fall?

    What color works better for everyday use?

    Thanks in advance.:smile::smile:
  2. wow it sounds like you love bright colours...what does your wardrobe consist of as that may be the decider. What style are you looking for? I think french blue would be pretty hardto come by but there is an electric blue planned for ss08 so that may be a great colour to wait for!
  3. I vote for the blue! :drool:
  4. i love both colours!! but red goes with everything IMHO..that's why i chose the vermillion over french i say tomato!

  5. I wear alot of black and gray to work, but after work and on the weekends I wear purples, blues, reds and yellows, always working it in with dark gray or black.... No pinks.
  6. Any other opinions?
  7. I vote for the blue.
  8. their are both TDF!!!! I'mm having a tought time deciding......someone said that FB is really hard to find now, so i htink you may have an easier time finding a tomato.
  9. I am of the tomato viewpoint because I want one myself.
  10. I love both colors but I think tomato would be more versatile. It would also be much easier to find than FB.
  11. i agree with erica1451 in the respect that fb will be hard to find- i had a very difficult time finding mine. but it was sooo worth it. i'm sort of lusting after a luscious tomato bag myself, i say do the eenie meenie miny mo song:p
  12. I vote French Blue! IMHO, blue is an year round color and tomato is not as versatile.
  13. Can't go wrong with either one, but tomato is gorgeous!
  14. I vote for Tomato... even thought the FB is gorgeous... I'm more of a red bag girl! also FB was last season and was quite a seller so might have hard time trying to find one now right? good luck!
  15. They're both gorgeous, but probably Tomato, good luck choosing...