tomato or coral red GSH Money wallet??

  1. Has anyone seen a Tomato or the new Coral Red with GSH in a money wallet?? I've been searching everywhere and have yet to find one.. any help would be greatly appreciated!! :yes:
  2. bump.. anyone seen any anywhere???
  3. I'm trying to remember if I have seen the Tomato accessories with giant hardware. I certainly haven't seen anything online lately. I do know that the new Coral Red color isn't out yet, so you haven't missed out on those yet. Maybe you should call Barney's and get on their waitlist if they are getting any of the Coral w/ GSH.:yes:
  4. Have you called BalNY? Last time I was there, they had some GH Moneys and Coins (a Tomato GSH CP) out but since I wasn't looking, I didn't ask what was behind their magical doors.