Tomato: misleading name?

  1. When I first heard Tomato was coming out, I was totally uninterested as I pictured a warm or orangey red. But now that I'm seeing pictures, it really looks more like a blue-toned cherry red.

    Which is it? I have a Vermillion that I'm probably going to sell because it's too bright/bordering on warm-toned, even though my Vermillion is the true red, not the orangey red. Is Tomato a deeper, bluer red? If so, I could see selling my Vermillion in order to get a Tomato. But I don't want to do that if I'm going to get a bag with any orange tones at all.

    I've seen a bunch of pictures, but for anyone who has seen Tomato in real life- is this more of a cool blue-toned red, or a warm orange-toned red? TIA!
  2. hi there!
    i have owned both...i sold my vermillon partime, but i own a tomato rh city...the tomato is def deeper imo than the vermillon. to me, the verm has some orange as compared to the tomato...mine has lots of blues...i hope that this helps!
  3. From all the pics I have seen, it looks just like a fresh candied apple - yummy!!!
  4. I was at Barneys a week ago and they had a tomato city with sgh. I would have loved it if I thought I could carry it off with my wardrobe. It was not orange at all!!!! More of a blue red. It's bright without being too in your face red. I would call it the perfect red. Good luck with your decision!!!
  5. I'm considering the same thing with my Vermillon City.. Tomato's leather and hue is more my flavor:smile:
  6. I would also call it a perfect red, deffo blue, not orange. It is funny, b/c I had a few slices of tomato recently, grown by my FIL, and it was exactly like the Bal tomato when cut!
  7. I have a Tomato City, and I can assure you that it's in no way warm red.
    If anything, it's slightly pinkish.... Like allysaid, it's the color of candy apple. It's a gorgeous red, definitely deeper than Vermillion.

    Here's my Tomato:heart: I loove her!!


  8. *dies a little* OK, that is nowhere near the color of a tomato. It is GORGEOUS! I think I have to find a way to trade my Vermillion for one of these! :graucho:
  9. it's close to the rouge theater, isn't it?
  10. I think the Tomato colour & name is perfect. It's the most lustful red to come out since Rouge Theatre. I don't own any red's and they don't suit what I wear usually, but I think Tomato is fabulous!
  11. I know!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Tomato is a misleading name for this gorgy red as well, but the names that BalNY has given have always been misleading in some ways:p
  12. No, not at all. RT is a darker red, and Tomato is a bright red.

    Tomato is close to Rouge Vif and 04 True Red. In fact, from the comparison pics a tPFer posted(sorry, don't remember who!!:sweatdrop:), those three colors are indistinguishable!
  13. I couldn't agree more! Tomato looks nothing like the color of a tomato!

    Here it with a strawberry and a cherry:


    and with a deep red rose, a Yellow and a Red Heirloom tomato:

  14. ^^^ Thank you so much for the pics! Very helpful.
  15. My Tomato is def a blue red......the SA described it as fire engine red....and she was dead on!!!!

    Here's mine, it's not the best picture, as IRL the bag is a brighter red, but it's def a blue red, theres no orangy color to it at all.