tomato first!!LOVES IT

  1. i didnt think i liked the tomato unitl i saw the pics of hmwe's first, and i fell in i got one this past weekend its the perfect "going out bag" especially for a girl like me who wears alot of black, im usually not a small bag girl either but i swear the tomato color and first style are a perfect match:tup:
    with flash[​IMG]
    natural light
  2. whew, she's so vibrant in the first pic!! she's a beauty - enjoy her :party:
  3. GORGEOUS!!!! :drool: Congratulations, that's one beautiful bag...
  4. The color is amazing! Congrats on your gorgeous new bag!
  5. Does BNY have these in or is it other stores?

    It is lovely! I am thinking I might need one but I don't want to buy sight unseen from BNY or someplace I can't return.
  6. I got mine at NM Garden State Plaza :tup:
  7. WOW its beautiful!!! It looks so delishious in the first pic :biggrin:
  8. I love it and I agree with you........the First and tomato are a perfect match!
  9. Congrats:yahoo: Can't wait to see your modeling pics with it.:wlae:
  10. CONGRATS!!!

    She's lovely :heart:

    Isn't the leather heavenly?!?! And the color is really intense and fun, huh?!
  11. where can a girl locate a tomato first?!
  12. So cute! I love how squashy the leather looks in that first pic.
  13. Congrats!!
  14. WOW! congrats!!!
  15. Tomato is so hot!!! I love it!