Tomato City Rough Tassels and other various Flaws

  1. I recently purchased a Tomato City from Saks sight unseen. She might look familar because I posted her all over the place the day I got her! But I still haven't carried her yet... I love her because she is the perfect red I wanted and her leather feels and smells terrific - Sooo very smooshy, suedie, and soft. All of my bbags have some sort of quirk to them, However...she has more than her fair share of Bal imperfections. A few light spots and one dark spot on the back of the bag I think:confused1: I can live with.

    But have you ever seen tassels shreded on the edges/cut so badly?:wtf:
  2. I had this some problem with an aqua bag I bought sight unseen from Saks. The edges were totally shredded. I called Saks but they didn't think it was a problem. I guess you can try and get new tassels but I was upset about the lack of quality control and how a bag could make it through to the marketplace like that.
  3. ^^ welp, i wouldn't be worried about the tassels (my brand new cafe brief from "Barney's" came with all of it's tassels totally split), but the spots are another story...can you post photos of the spots so we can take a look (?) :shrugs:
  4. I think she looks great, can you post a close up of the tassles? YOur tomato inspired me to make my latest purchase, a brand new tomato city! I will get her later this week..... now I am nervous.
  5. will post a pic more pics showing her birthmarks in a few min...

    Shasta - thanks - she really is beautiful and perfect on the front...I am too nervous to try and exchange/compare her because the OCD kicks in BAD and this always backfires on me!!!
  6. here is a closer look at the tassels - couldn't photograph any closer because of the flash. They really are shredded pretty bad:boxing:

  7. here are the light birthmarks on her backside- there are a few at various places where the veins intersect - i've seen these on other tomatoes. Am I crazy???

    IMG_0868.JPG IMG_0872.JPG
  8. ohh the tassels arent shredded at the bottom, but the sides?

    and the "birthmarks" are the slightly white-ish marks on her back?

    LOL honestly, to me, she looks fine in the pictures. all my bbags have slight "flaws" (except my ocean) - it is annoying b/c the bags are expensive, but i kept them all b/c the leather on each one is wonderful and i know nobody else but me notices the flaws.
  9. i've now resorted to picking at the tassels to get the little pieces off and smooth them out! The extras were just as rough
  10. I think the bag is gorgeous, even with the small imperfections. Maybe you could order another set of tassels from BalNY and hopefully they won't be shredded.
  11. I like my bags perfect, especially at 1k a pop!! I would return her if you aren't in love, although she is really pretty:smile::smile:
  12. I think it is unacceptable on a bag that price. I may accept it on a used bag but not on a brand new one. Those tassels look rough and the spots do show up.
  13. Do you moisturize your bags? I had a few "birthmarks" like yours on my 07 anthra twiggy and I moisturized her, and it looks much better. My tassels on her were pretty dodgy too, but I moisturized them as well.
  14. ^^ ditto!!! :tup:
  15. thanks - despite her many b-flaws she really is gorgeous and i do feel better about my bag after getting fellow TPF opinions. No bbag is perfect and im afraid if I tried to exchange her, the new one wouldn't be the right feel, color, or something...Picked at the tassels to remove as much of the shred as I could - not quite 100% but getting there~