Tomat SGH Day or GSH money wallet/coin purse anywhere?

  1. I didn't get lucky in Paris... :crybaby: thought about the Jaune SGH which is available, but then I saw this pic again... and I'm blown away all over again.

    If there are no tomato SGH Days, I could live with an accessory... Anyone seen one of those anywhere that ships to Switzerland? Thank you!! :tup:
  2. I'm looking around for one too! I keep finding Cities, but I just prefer Days :sad:
  3. i've seen the gsh money wallet at balny. good things come to those who wait. have faith! i really hope you find the gsh day!!
  4. Aw thank you. I will have to raid our local store later this week but they only have a limited selection... keep me updated, thank you :love:
  5. Thanks all, I found one but it didn't click with me so I'm no longer looking for tomato!! And I found a sgh coin purse too :upsidedown:
    I can't close the thread though :sweatdrop:

  6. where did you see the cities??
  7. Barney's NY! Call around, I saw Briefs and Cities.
  8. Thanks! I called and she only has a first left :sad: