Tomas Maier leaving BV

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  1. Diane sent a note with the news and I immediately googled it. It’s a VERY sad day for BV. Here’s an extract for a WSJ article. The EXACT reason I like BV as much as I do is the exact reason Maier is out :confused1:

    “...Mr. Maier’s preference for sophisticated, understated designs appeared outdated in an era when Gucci and its creative director, Alessandro Michele, have been lighting up social media with flamboyant clothes and accessories that mix antique references with Major League Baseball logos. And Mr. Michele’s success plastering the Gucci logo across his designs made Bottega’s logo-less subtlety seem like a liability.

    “The tradition and craftsmanship excellence that many luxury brands have relied upon for decades is no longer enough,” Mr. Pinault said earlier this year. “The new luxury consumers, the millennials or the generation set that follows, care little for the idea of brand, heritage.”

    Mr. Maier also has his own brand, with two stores in New York.“
  2. Thanks for posting this G. I wonder about the future design direction of the brand.
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  3. Mr Pinault,
    There are many of us who have a “preference for sophisticated, understated designs”.
  4. Um, aren't people starting to get really tired of the overdone appliques and LOGOS? And really, that style doesn't really fit BV's aesthetic. Are they looking to change?
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  5. Money/spending is a bigger business that many of us thought & logos & appliques are still front & center
    Class, style, taste that's taking a backseat now, sadly speaking
  6. Thanks for posting, @grietje :flowers:

    It's not really surprising given the recent direction BV has taken. I'm just happy to know that it wasn't really him or his vision these last two or three seasons. I wonder how much his hand was guided away from his understated designs and towards that technicolor vomit aesthetic that's been gracing the runways of houses like Gucci, Balenciaga, etc.

    I guess the young'uns love the disposable fashion that's hot today and dated AF tomorrow.
    You know, I've been around this forum a while now, and it's been an observation of mine that everyone eventually ends up at Hermes. Regardless of what forum they started at - Coach, LV, Chanel.... I used to think it was because Hermes was the end of the line in a hierarchy kind of way but I think it may have more to do with the simplicity of some of their designs and the fact that (with a few exceptions) their leather goods lineup hasn't changed much in the last 25 years.

    Thank you Tomas for over fifteen years of timeless classics and your vision of understated luxury. Mwah! :winkiss:
  7. Agree with you about Hermes.. It is classic, timeless & many of the designs are simplistic which does have
    appeal for the right reasons
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  8. "When your own initials are enough"
    What happened???
  9. I think Von is right about Hermes. I started with LV , then Dolce and Gabana, the Chanel and Dior and BV ( one knot and one cabat). While I love all my bags I am currently only interested in Hermes bc at these prices I want timeless, quality classics. Quality over quantity. The only brands I was still considering adding was BV and Celine until Phoebe left. I'm so sad to hear that he is leaving bc I've greatly admired his designs. I hope BV doesn't change drastically and become like Gucci and others.
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  10. Very sorry to hear. I am a bit upset but I'm not surprised.

    I find Kering oddly old-fashioned in their 'gotta get hip with the kids' attitude. Especially since Gucci just remakes twentieth century vintage wardrobe ad adds a few more beads. I love fashion, eve the mad stuff, but style over content should be left to the high street. Italian craftsmanship has always been about what someone does best. Possibly BV should be looking to break away from Kering (like Sergio Rossi and Stella McCartney)

    No idea why everyone is chasing Gucci (OK, I do, shareholder pressure + £$E%) but realistically, if everyone starts trying to chase the same market everyone ends up with less of the pie (chart).

    Questions for Monsieur Pinault:

    Is there any wonder that the perpetual global growth model is unsustainable and diametrically opposed to the idea of exclusivity?

    Is there any wonder that many loyal customers stopped buying BV with the continual price recent hikes that were way beyond justification?

    Why discontinue bag models that were best sellers season after season?
  11. I will miss his RTW :sad: Im a big fan. Also, nice observation and Im one of those who will probably end up with Hermes. I just really can't pull the trigger because BV RTWs has had my attention for quite a while. The last bag I bought was The Lauren 1980 and the rest are all RTWs.
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  12. Not surprised with the direction the bags have taken the last couple of seasons

    I now know what Tomas is thinking
    He was thinking this is not me
    It will be interesting to see what direction this brand will go
    I hope they don’t follow Gucci
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    Interesting observation. And accurate, in my case. My search for clutches led me to Hermes. It was the minimal designs that attracted me. Several years ago, I would not have imagined I would ever be posting in the cheating thread, as I was totally devoted to bv. But as I searched for clutches with a modern look, I ended up at Hermes. While I still find the cabat to be the ultimate in totes, I guess I went rogue without even realizing why, when it came to clutches. I have not given up on BV, despite the quote by Mr Pinault that suggests he’s given up on me.
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  14. The best selling bags at Gucci are curiously innocuous and conventional. The over embellished offerings and runway theatrics seem to be mostly for publicity.
  15. My friends that still work for BV are sad