Tomas Maier Gives Expired Tea to Special Customers

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  1. I can't believe this happened to me so I thought I'd share! I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from the Tomas Maier store because they're having 80% off. If you don't know the stores, they're owned by Tomas Maier, the designer for Bottega Veneta, and he designs the clothing for the stores as well.

    When the box arrived, there was a box of Mariage Freres tea, with a note that said it was a gift for being a special customer. I was thrilled because firstly, I love Mariage Freres tea and it's so expensive in the U.S., and secondly, it was "Esprit de Noel" - just in time for the holiday season!

    I then looked at it the box more closely, and it said the tea had expired on Jan 16, 2010. I sent an email to my salesperson, expecting she would say sorry, and ship a new box to me.

    Boy was I surprised when she responded that the stores knew they were expired and pulled it from the shelves. But instead of throwing it out, they actually brewed the tea, tasted it, thought it tasted the same as the unexpired tea, and decided to offer it as a gift with purchase to special customers!!

    Does anyone else find this to be somewhat offensive??? I mean, it's not like it expired last week or something. it's also hilarious, because they're supposed to be an upscale store!
  2. That's offensive to me and bad customer service... if they can't afford proper gifts might as well not give anything... to be honest if it was me I'd send the tea back and write a "nice" note on a proper card and say "Enjoy the expired tea"

  3. Can you repport it to something like FDA ? For distrubuting expired beverages for consumption ?
  4. sounds crazy to me, just very bad pr...however , where is the store you ordered from, and what could be 80% off this time of year? TIA
  5. that's definitely not the best PR but i imagine the tea is probably fine - i accidentally drank some tea that expired in something like 07 last week and it was perfectly fine, maybe a bit weak but that was the extent of it.
  6. how strange, especially from a luxury brand like maier!
  7. That is unacceptable and is a health hazard, IMO. Items have shelf lived and expiration dates for a reason.
  8. Hi prestwick,

    They have a sale once a year. I think it lasts for one week only. Here's the link to this year's sale:
  9. I think it is very strange that they would do that, but I would not consider it a health hazard at all. Its tea, not milk!

    You can drink expired tea and as long as it was stored properly it is perfectly fine! It may slightly loose its flavor from the oils evaporating over time, but that is it. Enjoy the tea!

    Read this if you want more info on expired tea-
  10. It probably wouldn't harm you if you drank it, but that is really tacky of the company to send it *knowing* it was expired.
  11. I agree. It's tacky, but not unsafe (usually).
  12. Yes, to this!

  13. I wouldn't think twice about drinking it, I'm sure it's fine. . .but. . . it does seem like a very odd thing for an upscale store to do!
  14. although their intent was good I don't think it was a good move on their part. There's actually a lot of "aged" Chinese tea's that are much older than a year that is compressed into large circular disks and kept wrapped in a cloth kept in the open.
  15. Mariage Frere teas usually expire about two to three years from the date of sale. I literally was just went to Paris about 3 weeks ago and bought their tins directly from their store, and most were dated to expire in 2013, with an occasional 2012 (I'm the kind of person who ALWAYS checks expiration dates) I think the fact that these expired in Jan. 2010, meant that Tomas Maier must have had them in their store for at least a year or two before that, probably longer.

    Anyway, I'm glad that it seems like everyone agrees with me that it was a bit tacky and offensive for an upscale store! I totally felt like the salesperson's tone was that I should be grateful to get this tea, even if it was expired!