Tomas maier, creative director of BV

  1. ooh that was my 500th post! Only took me more than a year lol :wlae:
  2. Congratulations on 500!!!

    I will go peek now at the links
  3. Very nice dresses. I actually like both of them.
  4. Those dresses were wonderful, the first one I'm sure would've loooked good on anyone petite, but his menswear from the page was looking horrible, except for the python/stingray detail belts.
  5. I like the dress and can totally see myself wearing it! I love simple, elegant designs rather than flashy ones. And it looks super comfortable. Too bad I don't have any nice events to attend for now. :p
  6. Thanks, boudoir, for the information on Tomas Maier. I didn't know he has a collection outside of BV. His women's clothing is superb--the draping is structured so well. Both of those dresses are very nice. I think they are actually wearable unlike many designer lines. The price sounds high, but look what we spend on a bag! I wouldn't pay that much for a dress, but I'll spend $1900 on a purse (that's the most expensive one by far).
  7. I love the V necked dress, but the other colour is SO pretty! :tender:

    I know he has his own collection outside of BV - read it somewhere. If I'm not wrong, he's also got his own lil shop which stocks more than just clothes and bags too :yes:

    P/s Congrats on the 500 posts!!
  8. Thanks boudoir, I didn't know about this bit of information on Tomas Maier. And congrats on reaching 500 posts! :drinkup:

    I love clean lines and classic looks. Totally dig the style and look of both dresses and I can see myself sauntering around in them (although violet does looks bad on me). :push:

    And it does seem a tad pricey and I still cant really bring myself to paying lots for clothes somehow (maximum so far is $500 for a DVF wrap dress). Bags yes. Clothes and shoes, gotta think very hard first. :shrugs:
  9. I hear ya! :upsidedown: I feel like you can keep bags for a long time whereas clothes eventually show signs of wear. Besides in my case I never know if I'm going to put on 5 lbs or lose them...
    The other thing is, a bag is an object, which for some reason feels more important to me (fetishist! lol) :lol:
  10. Yes, we have all been there (at least I have)... piling on the weight after buying new clothes and feel like a whale. :hrmm: In fact, bags could hide your bulges too! :roflmfao:
  11. It is interesting to know about Tomas Maier outside of BV! Thanks for the info.
  12. Great idea! One Ball bag on each arm... slims the hips!! :roflmfao:
  13. i'm seriously considering wearing the first dress to my cousin's wedding! i spotted it a few weeks ago, i hope they don't run out of my size..
  14. Well, at least the dresses look like they'll hide the bulges decently well...
    I'm just not a fan. The later was reasonable, I just am not nor ever will be a greek goddess.
    Fun, though. Thanks and congrats on the 500th post!