Tomas Maier calls you.....

  1. Tomas Maier calls you, he can't decide what colours to use for his next collection. What would you tell him?
  2. First of all, I think I wouldn`t be able to speak at all if he was calling me!

    And when it comes to colors, my dream colors for winter would be a light grey (a little darker than Limo), burgundy red, a deep blue (a little darker than Atlantico), a medium chocolatey brown (something in between Noce and Ebano), rusty brownish red, and fuschia (stronger than the ones from the SS 07 collection). Plus what I think would be really interesting is a Tartan intrecciato that he`s already shown in purple/green in different shades of grey.

    For spring, I`d wish for lime green, light blue (already shown for SS08 Men`s), khaki, a sand tone and Yves Klein Blue.

    Gosh, if only he really called me!
  3. WOW - amazing answer. I would wish for a true coral and a "seafoam" and a muted bronze colour. And maybe a beautiful french navy.
  4. omg-if he calls me, i would ask him to give me a shopping spree first before i give him advices on color.

    s/s2008--jaune, bright green, and a neutral i can't think of right now

    f/w2008-- eggplant, burgundy, and a dark grey like graphite...

    ok-start dreaming that he will call me...
  5. Eggplant. Amazing. A really deep purple. I'm thinking also a teal colour or a true forrest green.
  6. ^^VKD, muted bronze sounds just perfect! Oh yes, and eggplant, catabie! Why don`t we apply for a color supervisor postition even if this has yet to be created? :welcome:
  7. Wouldn't that be the most amazing job!
  8. First, I would think "Am I being punked?" Second, if it was real I don't think I could even get to the colors. Someone just bring me the smelling salts, LOL. . . .
  9. I'm stumped! You guys have almost all the colours covered. Gotta think harder...
  10. me too.

    more shades of grey sounds lovely. burgundys, maybe a deep orange?

    and if he called me, I'd do my damm hardest to convince him he needs to hire me as a personal assistant.
  11. I'd love a metallic like ottone or a colour darker than Peltro but lighter than Ferro. Oh yes, please make these bags in the veneta and campana styles. I'd also love a really deep blue (like the balenciaga blueberry/blue roi shade). Tomas where art thou??
  12. what a wounderful thread!! i am just :drool: imagining all your dream colors!!

    here are mine!

    for winter: i want a warm orange autumn leaf color!!

    for summer: i want a light hot coco color!!

  13. I'm boring. I would ask for a green close to Hermes' vert anis.
  14. Everyone has such great answers that I have nothing to contribute. I'm so happy with the current seasons' palettes anyway. S/S '07 is my favorite and was what drew me to BV in the first place.
  15. :nuts: I would honestly think my friends were pulling a fast one on me!

    But like Syma, I'd ask for metallic tones - Peltro just the way it is, a matte version of Ottone, and I would die for a pinkish pewterish tone! Yes please! :yes: