Tom Wont Marry Bridget

  1. Do you think she's heartbroken. She was dumped. While pregnant. For Gisele.

    Its a boy.

    His name will be Tom somthing Monihan. Just saw it on ESPN.
  2. I don't know the specifics of their relationship, but she seems to have taken it pretty well considering.....I'm sure now she is focusing on her son, and although I'm sure it would be hard to go thru a pregnancy alone, she has a beautiful healthy baby boy she can concentrate on. Men come and go, but your children are yours forever.
  3. Marrying someone for the sake of the child is never a good idea because you'll just end up divorcing later on, so why put a child through that. Her son is going to be well taken care of and he'll be a better father to his son knowing that he didn't just marry her for the sake of his son, IMO.
  4. John Edward Thomas Moynahan = JET

    And I don't blame her for not giving the baby his father's name. His father didn't really want him to begin with and he's shown that over and over. Good for her.
  5. His loss completely...
  6. Jet Moynahan, different, sounds cool.
  7. Tom is a big arse. I am glad she didn't give the baby his last name.
  8. Not all marriages end when they started because of pregnancy.
  9. Well, I am sorry he dumped her for Gisele, but the truth of matter is (I heard her say so in an interview) they split up even before she found out she was at least he didn't dump her after.

    She is much older than him, 36, I think.... he is around I can totally see this as being her decision to have the baby one way or another. Good for her.

    It seems like they are getting along fairly well under the circumstances and hope they continue to do so for the babys sake :smile:
  10. To the OP thread title:

    I don't think Bridget wants to marry Tom.
    From what I've gleaned from the media (someone correct me if I'm wrong), she wants to raise the baby herself.
  11. Gisele is pathetic. Even though it's his choice that he left the woman he impregnated, Gisele is contributing to this homewreckage.
  12. I thought that she got pregnant after they announced their breakup. If that's the case, it makes sense why she would give the baby her name.
  13. i'm not one of those who is always defending the "other woman" no matter what, saying stuff like- "well, SHE wasn't the one cheating, HE was, etcetcetc", i will totally call a homewrecker when i see one.....but, in this case, i don't think gisele can fairly be called a homewrecker. from what i gather, she came into the picture after tom brady had already dumped bridget and made it clear that he didn't want to be part of the kid's life. i think he did all that before gisele came along.....:confused1:
  14. As women we have to be cautious of the men we decide to marry and/or procreate with. :wondering
  15. What a great name! I'm partial, though, because I have a nephew named Jet. Kudos to Bridget for being strong enough to raise the baby without a man! :tup: And I'm loving that she gave Jet her last name.