Tom & Katie's Wedding Fiasco, Live Coverage.

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    Brooke Shields prepares to board the private jet in Burbank [​IMG]

    With Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's nuptials merely days away, some of their high-profile pals hopped a plane to Italy on Wednesday, PEOPLE has learned.

    Expected wedding guests, including Brooke Shields, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, boarded a private jet Wednesday at Burbank Airport.

    Meanwhile, Cruise, 44, and Holmes, 27, were at City Hall in Rome on Wednesday.

    The couple first arrived in Italy, along with an entourage of 10 people, via private jet on Monday.

    Other expected wedding attendees, Victoria and David Beckham, have a shorter distance to travel for the wedding – but are struggling with what gift to get for the bride and groom.

    "David and Victoria are still scratching their heads as to what is the perfect present to give them," says a source close to the couple. "It's pretty damn hard finding the ideal gift for Tom and Katie." The happy couple are scheduled to tie the knot in black-tie ceremony at the medieval, fortress-like Odescalchi Castle on Lake Bracciano, 18 miles northwest of Rome, on Saturday.

    Tom Cruise may have famously jumperd on Oprah's couch declare his love for Katie Holmes, but Winfrey won't be at his wedding in Italy Saturday.

    "It's not that I'm not going," Winfrey tells Extra's AJ Calloway in a segment to air on Tuesday. "It's that they had a limited number of people that they could invite. I was not one of the invitees. That's fine. I don't get invited to everyone's wedding. I don't invite them to everything I do. But I wish them the best."
  2. J. Lo...Brooke Shields??? Huh??? Since when are TC and J. Lo friends??? Is she a Leah Remini recruit??? And Brooke forgave him as much as to attend his wedding???

    BTW, Tom looks like crap in that picture. CHUNKY!!!
  3. I'm surprised to hear that Oprah wasn't invited but Brooke Shields was. Maybe I don't keep up with this drama so well :rolleyes:
  4. I'd like to be a fly on the wall at that wedding!!!:nuts:
  5. Should be an amazing wedding...wish them the best!
  6. hey Katie - RUN!!!! - you still have time to get out of this lol! :biggrin:
  7. Dito!! I wouldn't mind be a FLY, AT ALL!! OMIGOD, I wannnnaaa goooo!:wtf: :crybaby: :drool:
  8. I KNOW, ill get my REVENGE!! I WON'T invite them to my wedding !! HA that will SHOW THEM!!:crybaby: :girlsigh:
  9. hehe :P

    yeah I'm surprised Oprah wasn't invited? :confused1:
  10. That's a lot of ppl for a fake wedding for a fake couple.
  11. Here are so more pics of the CELEBS!!
    The writing on the pics isn't by me, I got these pics of PEREZHILTON.COM
    big20061116set187_404.bro.jpg big20061116set187_407.bro.jpg
  12. thoughts exactly. That dude is so damn weird. He looks like a greasy used car salesman in that pic with Katie and the baby!
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  14. Its so weird. I never thought any of these people were friends..
  15. Oprah not being invited is obviously some kind of diss maybe? And Brooke Shields I can kind of understand because Tom and Brooke have been playing nice lately and I think that they've known each other for a while. But J.Lo???? Didn't see that one coming. Maybe it is because of Leah Remini. Who knows!