tom, katie and victoria dinner at the ivy

  1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcome Victoria Beckham to the USA with a quiet dinner at the Ivy restaurant. Beverly Hills, USA. 16TH JANUARY 2007




    Golden Globe after party short clip showing VB, Tom C, Katie H, Eva L, Justin T- might take a while to load

    Viva Spice Girls - Victoria Beckham - Golden Globe Awards
  2. That's funny - a "quiet dinner". The last time I was in LA, I saw the pap. parked across the street waiting for anyone famous to come out of the Ivy or the Newsroom.
  3. LOVE VB's dress but confused as to why she is wearing short sleeve and Katie is in a coat?!:nuts:

  4. I guess our winter is her summer..It's been very cold for us lately but nothing compare to her winter back home or even for you Irene..

    Love her dress too..
  5. Golden Globe after party short clip showing VB, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Justin T, Eva L, J lo, Marc A- gonna take a while to load..

    Viva Spice Girls - Victoria Beckham - Golden Globe Awards
  6. Love her dress.
  7. Victoria looks good!

  8. I agree. People go to the Ivy is to be seen.
  9. She always looks so classy and pretty. I really love her short hair.
  10. Here's another photo of them that night. A little weird couple of friends, but OK to me.
    From what I can see I think Katie has a gorgeous bag. Does anyone know what is it?

    VB - I don't know what's with that woman, she never smiles. She looks like she was sad or really angry. I saw a short interview with her she was laughing all the time and she was such a nice and warm person.
  11. Maybe in her mind, she is modeling the clothes down the runway.
  12. :yes: ITA
  13. i think she thinks she doesn't look good when she smiles..even from the spice girls days, it's very rare to find smiling pictures of hers..
  14. I wonder if she will conform to the LA uniform of dressing down or if everyone in LA will start to dress up.:?:
  15. I've seen the video, and from what I see, Katie is terribly thin. Maybe it's just the way she's dressed, I don't know. Anyway it sounds like theye were having fun out there. Wonder were they were going :smile: