Tom Hiddleston

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  2. Cool, yeah I think he is kinda sexy - especially as Loki in Thor and Avengers. Great actor, very passionate too.
  3. Me too and he's sooo nice like abnormally for an actor lol.
  4. Tom Hiddleston on German TV:
    Really funny.

    And here's Tom in full-on flirting mode. I love it! He's checking her boobs and bum, giving compliments and calling her darling.

  5. ^Gotta bump Tom's thread. That video is cute and he is just YUM! I can't get enough of him lately. He speaks French, Spanish, is so well read and intelligent. Tall too. And his voice...OMGoodness.

    Check out the following link of the audio book The Red Necklace narrated by him:

    Love Tom.
  6. He's adorable. He's got gorgeous eyes.
  7. ^I know! Gorgeous eyes, attitude. He's perfect!
  8. Tom Hiddleston is currently in Germany, to be exact Cologne. They're shooting here for Only Lovers Left Alive. Before that they were in Hamburg. I'm very excited about that because it means Jim Jarmusch is here too. He's very loved by us Germans because he's normally very reclusive and doesn't accept any awards or stuff. But for us he's always making an exception. His mentor was Wim Wenders. Here's a report about how North Rhine-Westphalia is partly financing the movie. He's talking about the movie and also his other work. It's in German though.
    I'm very excited about the movie itself too. Can't wait until it's released.
    Here are some pics with fans from the shooting last week in Detroit.

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    I :heart: that grey t-shirt.

  10. Hahaha! I concur!
    This t-shirt is very advantageous for his body. I love when guys with the right body wear such sheer shirts. :graucho:
  11. Yeah that's true. One of the best interviews. I like how they compliment each other constantly. They're so well-mannered which is partly due to their upbringing but it doesn't feel artificial. Two gentlemen having the world to their feet.
  12. LOL. The :heart: disappeared the first time...

    Are you going to Köln ?

  13. Imagine going to the Opera or a Museum with these 2 or have a dinner and a long conversation with them.

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