Tom Ford´s perfume "Black Orchid"

  1. Have you tried it ?
    What do you think ?
    How would you describe it ?
    I only read reviews saying it´s pretty sweet smell, which I like, but hopefully not to the extreme of Thierry Mugler´s Angel. And also reviews saying it´s a bit like Viktor&Rolf "Flower Bomb" which to me is more like a ?:confused1:
    I am really into oriental-spicy-sweet fragrances (Serge Lutens, The Body Shop´s Amorito or vanilla) and hopefully this one will live up to my expectations !
    Also the design of the bottle : I LOVE it !!! so classy and trendy black but still retro feel....I´d like to try but I have trouble finding a location that sells it. (EU)
  2. It's nice, but it is heavy like Angel. A little goes a LONG way.
  3. for me seems much heavier than Angel!
    def. a nice evening parfume
  4. don't like this one at all and i LOVE thierry mugler's angel and V&R flowerbomb. black orchid was just way too heavy for me..
  5. OK, that's pretty clear then, thank you for your answers. I 'll have to buy the bottle empty on eBay then....
  6. I love it, I have it, its a heavy scent but I love that it is different! I got it in London Harvey Nicks!
  7. i very, very rarely say this, but i think its too heavy. even for me, who loves things like obsession, flowerbomb, angel, opium, etc. the scent itself is really nice if you sniff off a VERY lightly sprayed card, but on my skin, even a spritz on each wrist and it was overpowering me all day. HEADY doesnt even begin to describe it.
  8. I think it's gorgeous and I hate Angel and Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, so I don't think you can compare them at all.

    Black Orchid is an oriental chypre and it starts off very strong, with notes of French jasmine, gardenia, bergamot, citrus and mandarin. Then... lots of florals and that black truffle accord that makes it really earthy, but in a good way.

    I don't love the patchouli, woods and vanilla drydown, (although I love sandalwood)... it just gets a bit dull at the end, IMO.

    Nevertheless, it is a very beautiful fragrance!
  9. Wow! Obsession and Angel are WAY too strong for me! I was curious about this one too, now I know it will be like musk overload.
  10. Angel's patchouli/musk overload makes me sick... but Black Orchid doesn't have that overbearing accord.
  11. Black Orchid is the next scent I want to add to my collection. I :heart: the deeper, Oriental-type scents. V+R's Flowerbomb is one of my faves. And if comparing it to a Theirry Mugler fragrance, I'd say it's more like Alien (another fave of mine).
  12. i have it and I love it!!!
    it's so classy/trendy!!!
  13. I don't think I've ever smelled thisa IRL, just on the little tear-away thingies in magazines, so I am not sure if I like it or not. In terms of heaviness, how would it compare to Fracas?
  14. i like fracas so much better. i wanted to like black orchid, because most of my perfumes as a bit heavier, but this one make me break out in hives!!! i thought it was just me, but another sa came up and said it had happened to two other customers! scary!