Tom Ford

  1. Is Tom Ford still active with Gucci?
  2. he has his own brand right now. curently he has eyewear and frangrance.

    he is also opening a store on madison ave, nyc where he will sell mens clothes.
  3. left few years ago, sadly...and for me Gucci elegance = Tom Ford

    he really brought life back to this brand.
  4. That is really horrible that he left! I didn't know this!
  5. I've actually did a full report on Tom Ford's work with Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He was a true genius...
  6. I have 3 gucci bags from the Tom ford era...they're iconic really.
  7. His perfume Amber nude for Youth Dew (Estee Lauder) is TO DIE FOR! I get more comments on the scent than any other I have ever worn. Its just wonderful.
  8. not to mention, a true hottie too :love: