Tom Ford 'Whitney' Sunglasses

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  1. I purchased these sunglasses this weekend (from Neiman's):


    They are totally unlike anything I've ever owned. What do you guys think? I'm camera-shy, so I don't think I will post any pics of myself wearing them, but they do fit my face really well. I actually took back a Damier Speedy that I purchased last week for them. Felt bad exchanging, but really wanted a new pair of sunglasses since the only other ones that I have are about three years old, and very "safe".
  2. They are wonderful. I LOVE them! Have fun wearing them!!!
  3. They are sooo pretty!! Did you get the same color?
  4. nice sunglasses. So what did u get instead of the speedy?
  5. I like the sunglasses alot! there is something about them!
  6. I LOVE them. I have been stalking a pair in khaki (greenish brown) but theyr esold out in london (or st least they were untill I quit looking last month!:biggrin:)
  7. Love them! Was considering getting a pair earlier this spring.
  8. Stylish, great choice. :heart:
  9. LondonBrat -

    I think I saw these at my local Neiman's!!! Are they kind of olive, dark green colored?
  10. i like them
  11. congrats!!!:biggrin:
    i really like the style, but unfortunately they don't fit my face:sad:
  12. i like them, but they won't work on my face =(
  13. Congrats they look so nice.
  14. SuLi,
    I also have the Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses in dark gray and love them! Just to help you get over being camera shy, I've posted a crummy pic of me wearing mine (it really suits a lot of face shapes). So please post a pic of you in yours too! :yes:
  15. I have them too!!!
    I totally agree that they suit a lot of face shapes.
    I love them.
    All of a sudden all of these celebs are popping up wearing them too.

    Photos: Keira, Jlo and Nicky Hilton then me.
    keira-oxford4.jpg londonkiera3.jpg tomford2.jpg tomford3.jpg tomfordhilton.jpg whitney glasses.jpg
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