Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses

  1. What does everyone think of them? I tried them on today and I LOVE THEM super cute!!!!!!!!1 does anyone here own them? How do they like em? They are very very light though... thats the only prob... But they are so cute! What color is best? I think i like the blue grey ones.. Can someone post pics of celebs wearing them or you wearing them please thanks
  2. I just bought a grey pair today from a reputable eBay seller...much cheaper than retail. I've tried them on and love them!
  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pics pics please. i wanna see what the grey color looks like.. please please please
  4. dont you feel like the grey color looks black?
  5. It does, but there is a difference. It's not stark black. I like the lens color better than the black as well. I wanted grey because I have a pair of Oliver Peoples in black that I LOVE. I'm a sunglasses junkie!!!
  6. I completely ADORE the Whitney style but I tried them on once at Dillard's (I think so, or was it Neiman's?) either way, I felt like they weren't as sturdy as I'd like my sunshades to be. They felt a little too "breakable" for my liking (and the pricetag). Just my two cents.
  7. Me too!!

    I think I just bought these from NM. I'm not sure of the style so I'll snap a pic. I went down for the Oliver Peoples Trunk Show!! And bought two pair. I'll see if I can get my camera to post.
  8. LOVE Oliver Peoples......they are the best!!!! I have 3 pairs and to me, they are so worth it!
  9. Xtina Aguilera is always wearing these ...
  10. ITA. They have the best lenses. I have 2 pair: classic aviators and The Devil Wears Prada ones that Meryl Streep wore. Loves!!
  11. ^^
    I was wondering if Meryl's glasses were Oliver...they looked it! LOVE those glasses! What is the style name? I have 2 pairs of Leylas and 1 Harlot. I love the classic chic!
  12. pics? i wanna see the grey color vs the black also can i see pics of xtina wearing them??
  13. I don't have them in my hot little hands yet! LOL They should be here tomorrow. Check eBay...there's a ton of pics and from reputable sellers. You can compare the black and grey on there. I'm sure there's a pic of Xtina on there, too.
  14. I think they are called Nora.

    I snapped a few pics so you can see the size compared to the classic aviators. And also some of the Tom Ford's.

    Stay tuned....
  15. These are my Tom Ford glasses. Are these the Whitney Glasses?