Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses

  1. What do you all think of these sunglasses? I tried them on at Nordstrom today and I'm thinking about going back tomorrow and getting them. They're $320, which is about what I paid for my Chanel sunglasses but it seems like a lot for another pair. Anyone have pictures of theirs? Opinions??

  2. I bought them on for under $300....the case takes up way too much room in my handbags.
  3. They look very good on and are really pretty but... about 2 weeks ago I tried them on and they feel very fragile. I feel that they don't live up to the price tag, but that's just my personal opinion. I was scared to break them trying them on!
  4. I looveee Tom Fords but there is something really off about these IMO!
  5. I have the slightly smaller sized style called Jennifer. I love them. I bought brown. I wear them everyday. They seem a little delicate but I keep them in their case so I have not had any issues. They are my current favorite sunglasses.
  6. I have not seen them IRL but i have been wanting a pair i think they are gorgeous.
  7. I LOVE MINE. I have brown and gold. They really are not that fragile I wear them all the time and just love them.
  8. I love these. I bought them last year. Not one ding or scratch on them.
  9. I have the Jennifer too, in black AND brown! I love them way more than my Chanel sunnies. They're more flattering to my face, and they feel really light on. I wear them all the time, and so far, they have held up just fine.
  10. Oh my.. I was thinking about buying one too.. I think someone sales them on eBay for about $180.. not too sure.. well... I couldn't spent that much on the sunglasses... but I sure do love thosse~~
  11. I really don't care for them. The real reason we're supposed to wear sunnies is to keep the sun out of our eyes and to protect the health of our eyes. These look like they would let a lot of sun peep in from the sides. I much prefer a wrap around style with wider ear pieces (or what ever you call those side arms!) that keep the sun totally out of my eyes.
  12. I bought the whitney but returned them. They were to large for my face. I've thought about getting the jennifer. I've seen a lot of copies out already so its turned me off them. They do keep the sun out even though they are open on the sides.
  13. I love mine (2 Jennifers and 1 Whitney), got 'em from Blueroof Denim when they were having a 50% off sale:tup:
  14. Very cute, love the shape!