Tom Ford Sunglasses

  1. The other day I was at Neiman and I tried on a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses and fell in love. However, I could not bring myself to pay the almost $400 price tag and ever since I have been regretting it. It's funny because I have absolutely no problem paying between $250-300 and it's not that much more and I just can't seem to do it! Anyway, before I do pay that much, I want to make sure that I am making a good choice and I don't know anyone that owns a pair. So, do any of you have any Tom Ford sunglasses and would you recommend getting a pair???
  2. Honestly, no...'cos I don't even like the styles.. I love Tom Ford, but his sunnies just didn't do it for me. I love dVb and gucci...and Marc Jacobs.
  3. i like a lot of the styles, but they aren't that well made. the arm snapped off my whitneys and they couldn't be repaired so i had to return them and get a replacement pair. which is now annoying me because i have a different hair style now which they don't even work with :cursing:

    having said that, i'll still probably get a pair of farrahs :whistle:
  4. I got my Whitneys at for under $300. The lens is grey but doesn't provide much glare reduction. The case is so big it takes up way too much room in my handbags.
  5. is having a sale on their tom ford sunglasses 20% you wont be paying tax. so you can save quite alot. check them out. they are legit!!!!
  6. I love them, but, like all sunglasses, I have a hard time paying retail :push: More of a bag person I guess.
  7. I love the style of all of his sunglasses.
  8. I love Tom Ford's sunshades but have the same problem. Could not bring myself to pay such cash... and ended up getting Marc by Marc Jacobs pair at 97 USD plus tax!
  9. I love his sunglasses.
  10. I tried on a pair of Tom Fords when I was at NM the other day. I didn't end up picking up a pair because I felt they felt flimsy. Also the price tag kinda turned me off. However, I ended up buying a pair of Chanels for around $400 the same day, at the same counter! The reasoning? The Chanels just felt like better quality glasses....
  11. oh standardstyle has tom ford in their sale for only 108 but the model is older... camilla i think

    out of celebs I think I saw Carmen Electra sporting them... Personally they are not for me but mayb you'd like to chekc them out

    and also I've had issues w/ standardclothing so I wouldn't buy from me again (they cancelled my order w/o telling me AND did not refund me I had to email/phone chased them down after getting my cc bill)

    BTW, blueroofdenim is GREAT and Eden is soooooooo wonderful, if you ever order from them via phone, tell her that Sharon from Vancouver says hi!
  12. i have tom ford - whitney - dark gray
    my new fav sunglasses
    i have lots of sunglasses.
    i know eBay have alot of good deals on tom ford sungalsses. i bought mine at department store, no sale 400 buckaroos.
  13. almost forgot, it comes in a velvet case!!!
  14. I love his sunglasses. I always want one until I try them on. I didn't buy them because I didn't look good in them.
  15. i took the plunge this week and bought his Jennifer style in black..after trying on almost every single pair at Solstice..i decided on those cause they were really flattering and fit my face, which is really small & hard to find a good em! :yes: