Tom Ford Sunglasses at Loehmanns

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I was in Loehmanns (San Francisco) yesterday and they had two different type sof Tom Ford sunglasses on sale for $149.99 on the first floor. I am unfamiliar with the styles so I can't really help on which ones they were but I do know that when you buy them, you also get a Tom Ford carrying case.......

    Good luck!
  2. Update -- I went back and did a little research ......

    They have the following styles:

    -Isabella (2-3 pair)
    -Kennedy (around 10+ pairs)
    -Jennifer (1-2 pair)

    Hope this helps!
  3. They have a Jennifer for $149! Those are my favorite!!! I'll have to check the Loehmann's near me!
  4. ooo, thanks!! I'm off to check my Loehmanns.:smile: