Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - For those who like it...

  1. ..but may not be able to afford it - as it is really expensive! I fell in love with this intoxicating scent, but didn't want to pay so much money. I got the idea to go to my local health food store and buy some Neroli essential oil (already mixed with a jojoba oil base), and it smells just like it since the Neroli is the main fragrance note. It is not exactly the same, but makes me just as happy and satisfied since the note of Neroli is why I fell in love with it. I found that it lasts even longer than the perfume (I had a sample of it), for a fraction of the cost! Just thought I would share. :smile:
  2. The brand Pacifica also makes a good version of it!
  3. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Thanks for the tip!! I got the Neroli as a gift and I do love it!!!
  5. Yeah, it's a gorgeous scent.
  6. i actually sort of like the neroli smell and i may try it so thanks for the tip :smile: .
  7. I love neroli scent! Thanks for the info!
  8. Thanks for the tip - I love the fragrance but my hubby thinks its weirdly masculine on a girl but too girlie for a man - even though we both wear creed Virgin Islands Water - go figure!