TOM FORD Jennifer Bag Authentication - PLEASE HELP!! (for a CC dispute)


Feb 17, 2012
I need a second opinion of a TOM FORD Jennifer Bag for a CC dispute!

I not longer have the item in my possession as I returned it to the seller, but the seller is claiming that she did not receive it, and that the item is authentic. I took a few photos of the hardware/TF imprints prior to returning it, which are below. A couple other items of note:

1. Lining was not Alantara (TM), as is described on the TF and NM/Saks websites.
2. No date/code stamp was located.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
Already called TF in NYC, and they do not authenticate.



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Feb 25, 2007
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More information is needed.

1. Did the seller direct you to return it?
2. Is there tracking that shows the bag was delivered? If so, the seller's claim of non-receipt is irrelevant.
3. Has a case been opened?
4. What is the seller's return policy per the listing?
5. Please post a link to the listing.
6. How much was the total (including shipping) that you paid for the bag?


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Oct 4, 2006
Did you contact the seller before returning?

Where did you purchase it?

How did you pay - you filed a credit card dispute so I assume you did not use Paypal or some other similar site?
Apr 15, 2007
How did you return the bag to the seller? Do you have online viewable tracking?

Did you request signature confirmation?

Did you send it back with the seller's knowledge?

There were several Tom Ford black Jennifer bags that recently sold on ebay
ranging in price from $400 to over 2K...

While Tom Ford does not authenticate their merchandise, have you contacted
a third party authenticator to confirm the bag is not authentic or posted here
on the forum?
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Apr 15, 2007
OP, should you decide to dispute this charge with your credit card, they will
certainly ask for proof of return delivery& possibly also for proof that the bag was
according to you not authentic.

Keep us posted & good luck.. This is not easy or pleasant to deal with
Feb 11, 2006
This thread was originally posted in the Authenticate forum as the OP is looking for authentication.

Looks like it was moved to the ebay forum. (not sure why)