Tom Ford eyewear

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  1. I 'm shopping around for a nice pair of shades. I like to hear what are you thought on these? I love big shades and if anyone can recommend any, a Pic would be helpful. Thanks! ;)
    Tom Ford Eyewear Whitney Sunglasses -
  2. They look great in the dark brown or the dark grey.
  3. [​IMG]

    I think they're cuter in dark grey
  4. Its cute but it depends on your facial structure. The Whitney did not look good on me so I got the Carine. ( I have really high cheek bones)
  5. agree, dark grey!:p
  6. I have these is brown and a champagne color..LOVE them!! I want the green!
  7. They are really cute sunglasses...I purchased a pair last year, but returned them because they were too big for me.
  8. I own the Whitney in dk gray, and agree with envyme. It really depends on your face shape/bone structure. So it's important to try them on before purchasing.
  9. I think the dark grey color is the best. Angelina Jolie has the same pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. :yes: Here is a pic.

  10. i :heart: tom fors sunglasses, except it makes me looks liek a bumle bee, definatly get it if u can pull it off
  11. I also have the Whitney in grey. The only thing that bothers me is the size of the case and how much room it takes up in all of my different handbags. There also is not enough sun protection so they are strictly fashion.
  12. I've been wearing them for months and months and LOVE them.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I also think light grey is the best color of all too.
  14. i have this pair in dark gray and i love wearing them.
    i also love big shades, i have a pair of Chanel and Oliver Peoples that are in the big shades category.
    i know it also comes in green but i haven't seem them.
  15. I like the shiny black.