Tom Ford Bags and Leather Goods

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  1. Has anyone purchased, or at the very least seen/touched in-person Tom Ford's own brand of (mens) wallets and bags? What are your thoughts?

    I've only seen two bags on bluefly (just tonight, by accident) and maybe a promo pic from a couple years ago when he first launched a couple men's bags. I had not realized he had a pretty nice selection of wallets until tonight! Just when I was set on Dior Homme...

    I found this ( I would love it in black, or even a dark, rich, antique brown. With gold stitching to make it perfection. I absolutely love how the inside of the wallet is laid out.

    I've found a few more "discount designer" online sites that sell a few styles, but there's the whole reputable I'd much rather buy my first Tom Ford piece from a TF store (or at least an authorized dealer).

    So, anyone have experience with Tom Ford?

    Picture source: bluefly

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  2. No one, huh?
  3. i haven't, but i think it looks very well made!
  4. I'm diggin' an old thread, apologise, but I have to vouch for TF's bags. Superb in design & quality. Just acquired recently a black weekend bag with oversized gold zippers with velvet interior. Now I'm eyeing a black leather messenger bag also by TF..... these gold oversized zippers are a turn-on. I can't put my mind away from these Tom Ford bags!!! But they are certainly priced at a the top range.... I had to think, rethink, & rethink again before making the big purchase..... but I'm a happy camper!!!
    BTW, I'm a male. I'm sorry but I have no experience in the wallet range but I'm sure it is top quality.
  5. I think the wallet looks great... Currently I´m all into small wallets, I will have a look at it in the NYC store... Thanks for the pictures!!!
  6. it's a very beautiful wallet...
  7. I've only man-handled one of Ford's non-optical accessories in person: a grayish (very tough material) dopp kitt like thing (yes, it had the sexy zippers!). It was quite large, and extremely well made.

    As for other Tom Ford... I groped a boot, and tried on a sport coat and a suit jacket...all this at the in-store shop at Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas (Fashion Show). I didn't get to hit Ford's boutique though, due to time. :sad: So I ended up getting my aviators from Ilori.

    Quarks: You should post your current bag and the one(s) you are thinking of! I'd love to obsess over them with you. :smile: We can start our very own Tom Ford topic!
  8. Shigeru, I will post it up tomorrow. The gold oversized zippers are sooo funky. The contrast of the black leather & gold zippers makes it look so chic.... at least I think so! Definitely what makes this bag look so unique. :smile:
  9. Looking forward to your pics, Quarks! :smile:

    For fun, here's a pic of my "Mathias" aviators. (pic from the official TF website, because it shows detail far better than my own iPhone pics).

    As a bonus, here's a sexy computer case/bag! I don't own it (yet?) (so pic source: blog).
    I am thinking of calling or e-mailing the TF store to see if they make an iPad case that will fit an iPad2.

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  10. All,
    I am curious about Tom ford bags and would love to see pictures of what you can put inside a TF bag, especially the Jennifer flap and the tote.

    Also any modeling pics of the small vs. large Jennifer flap would be great.

    Lastly, any input on your experience with the TF bag would be appreciated as well

    There are no TF boutiques here and the NM hardly carries it so am relying on fellow TPF-ers..

    Thanks in advance
  11. I did a search on the forum and found one thread about the Flap bag, pretty long - might give you some idea ...
  12. Hi,

    apologies if this has already been asked but I've just recently fallen in love with the Tom Ford flap zipper bag, [the one that the lovely jennifer carries]. But I was wondering if anyone has any pics of anyone carrying the Medium and the Large so that I can compare sizes.

    I am in the UK so going to see one in person would be difficult so would really appreciate pics for comparison. Thank you.

    Its this style that I'm looking at but in Large & Medium :
  13. I have the medium crossbody but also tried the large first. The large was too big for my frame - I'm 5ft4in & 120 lbs. I'll try to post pictures with the medium later today.
  14. thank you so much. can i ask as well, do you know if the original tom ford bag is available or will the new redesign of the 'jennifer' bag be the 'it' bag now. thanks :smile: