Tom Ducker, Hermione's Bf

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    Magical time: Emma with Tom in Nice last week

    The teenagers were spotted hanging out in nightclubs and eating lobster with £90 bottles of champagne in an expensive seafront restaurant.

    Staff at their hotel, Chateau de la Chevre d'Or in Eze, near Nice – where suites with ocean views cost £385 a night – described Emma and Tom, who is also 17, as 'delightful guests'.

    In the five years since the first Harry Potter film, Emma – like co-star Daniel Radcliffe – has accrued a fortune, estimated at £10 million.

    But unlike Daniel, who insists he only buys things that cost about £10, such as books and DVDs, Emma appears much less prudent – at least when she is on holiday.
  2. While sipping Veuve Clicquot in the Castel Plage restaurant on the famous Promenade des Anglais near Nice's old town, she was taken by some artwork, worth about £15,000, that was hanging on the wall – and offered the owner cash for it.

    The work, entitled "Je suis incognito ici, faites le savoir" (I'm incognito here, tell everybody) is by renowned Italian artist Ben Vautier.

    "Emma fell in love with it and offered to buy it there and then," said owner Ali Abdelhafidh. "The words on the piece seemed to sum up her evening. But sadly it just wasn't for sale, so she posed for a photo next to the picture instead."

    He added: "They arrived quietly at about 7.30pm and drank champagne and ate lobsters all night. They were clearly loving each other's company and said they were in a very romantic place, with the Mediterranean just in front of them and great music.
    The actress with the £15,000 artwork she hoped to buy
  3. She looks even prettier in candids, I think! But £15,000 to paint a canvas black and write some cursive script on it?
  4. ^ i know right i would have sold it to her first offer
  5. exactly, and then just spray painted another one. lol!
  6. PRADA, YOU'RE BACK!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. She is BEYOND adorable!!!:heart: They make a very cute couple!
  8. So cute. oh I REALLY love her!!!!!!
  9. She is really cute! Thanks for the pics Prada!
  10. She looks nice!
  11. They're both cute together!
  12. Good to have you back Prada:tup: Nice pics too! They look so sweet together, but with that much in the bank how will she ever be able to tell whether or not these guys are using her? I like the artwork too but I can't believe it's worth that much, they definitely should have taken her offer on that one.
  13. personally i think ben vautier's a hack, always has been. at least he's not as trendy anymore. there was a time you could always see his crap slogans on t-shirts, umbrellas, postcards, etc...

    hermione's cute. the bf looks like a bit of a meathead but she's young, she'll probably grow out of him and the mediocre artwork.
  14. She is so cute, and they look really good together. Well, having such money in my account I'd eat lobsters too.
    However, I really don't understand why a blackboard with a simple sentence on it would cost 15 000 pounds? I understand even less why on earth someone would really like to buy it for this money.
  15. Hello lovely ladies !! I just popped in to check on you all.