Tom Cruise's tan ban for Katie

  1. Tom Cruise's tan ban for Katie

    BANG Showbiz
    Oct. 4, 2006 08:36 AM
    Tom Cruise has been keeping fiancée Katie Holmes out of the sun.

    The 44-year-old actor owes his youthful good looks to his strict skincare regime, which includes wearing plenty of sunblock and avoiding sitting in the sun for any lengthy period of time, and he is now encouraging Katie to do the same.

    A friend of the actress told Us Weekly magazine: "Katie says Tom knows enough to start his own dermatology practice. He knows all about antioxidants and how to combat them. Their bathrooms are full of sunblock and vitamin C serums.

    "Katie complains to her friends about looking pasty, and she sometimes uses bronzing cream just to cheer herself up.

    "She still associates a golden glow with healthy good looks, but Tom teases her that she's wearing her 'Fake 'N' Bake'. He insists that her natural pale skin is much prettier."

    Tom's favorite skincare product is a new Canadian item called La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50+ Crème, and he is eager for Katie to use it too.

    Although Katie - who has a baby daughter, Suri, with Tom - isn't totally happy with her fiancé's requests she is willing to give up her time in the sun to keep him happy.

    Her friend added: "If staying out of the sun is that important to Tom, she figures it's a small price to pay for keeping him happy."

    I think this is sad. Can you imagine living your life with this weirdo preaching his opinion/value on everything you do? For some reason I think he does this to Katie.
  2. yeah, the whole relationship is wrong.
  3. All the crazy things aside that we have heard...the sun really is bad for you unless you are talking in small doses.
  4. Its weird.. but very interesting.. so u say sunblock and vitamin c serum? lol
  5. He probably missed Nicole :smile:
  6. I know avoiding excessive sun exposure is a good thing, but she should be able to tan if she wants to. Just because he stays out of the sun shouldn't mean that she also has to do it. It's her body; it should be her choice.
  7. Of course he shouldn't impose his opinions on Katie (if that is what he is in fact doing).

    But he is right about overexposure to the sun and her skin will probably thank him for it in the future! :biggrin:
  8. the whole thing is too weird for my palate..
  9. He is a little crazy. sister does have skin cancer from sitting in the sun so who knows whats the right thing to do? We would have to give up every thing to protect ourselves from illness I know but when it comes to that I agree to a point.
  10. He could tell her to jump off a building & she seems Tom has turned her into a mindless zombie of sorts.

    But I do agree about using skin protection. BTW, I love Roche-Posay:P
  11. He just seems to be so overbearing about things. Its HIS way or the highway.
  12. Exactly! I know too much sun is bad. It just seems she wants to tan but he won't have it. She should be able to do what she wants, not just what he wants.
  13. I don't know who is more crazier? Him or Her for staying with him? The way they met was freaking creapy! He totally arranged it like a job interview (for a part) so he could take her out. Maybe the L Ron's checked her out to see if she could be totally dominated before he "interviewed her!" Eowwww!:sad:
  14. I wonder if Nicole put up with his controlling B/S
  15. I think they are making this up....