Tom and Katie's wedding plans

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  1. Tom and Katie's Secret Wedding Plans, L. Ron Hubbard Approved
    For months the world has been speculating as to when (and if) Tom Cruise will make an honest woman out of Katie Holmes. Well, at least as honest as a contractual relationship can ever really be. The strongest rumors have always been for a summer wedding of some sort, with Page Six going so far as to hint that this past weekend was the one. No wedding yet, it seems, but a MollyGood reader sent in this juicy tip:

    Tom and Katie's Secret Wedding Plans, L. Ron Hubbard Approved / MollyGood
  2. Congrats to them both and I can't wait to see pictures!!
  3. might never see those, kinda like the un-seen baby Suri:roflmfao:

    I hope for her sake things work out:smile:
  4. please let the baby out... pleaseeeeee
    i wanna see them ALL together :P
  5. I feel sorry for Katie.
  6. I heard there is a big tent right now at the Scientology Church.
  7. Wishing them only the best and may they become a true family once and for all.
  8. I heard that Katie's family was not invited, so I hoipe it's not actually a wedding.
  9. maybe they'll bring suri out at their wedding and show themselves off as married with a child and not unmarried with a child? if you understand what i mean
  10. like the other poster-- I feel bad for katie. I am so sick of TomKat. I mean Katherine?
  11. I so agree. :yes:
  12. Considering we still haven`t seen baby Suri, I doubt we`ll see any pictures of their wedding.
  13. I am so tired of those two weirdos...
  14. ^ LOL Geny!

    Thats actually kind of a cute picture on the site --

  15. I wish them the best, but I so don't care
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