Tom and Katie set a date.

  1. The story from US.

    Us Exclusive: Tom and Katie's Rep Confirms November 18 Wedding


    After a year and a half of anticipation, on October 20, friends and family of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise finally got what they have been waiting for: a wedding invitation. Us has learned exclusively that guests were notified late in the day to be free the weekend of November 16-19. The couple's rep, Arnold Robinson, confirms the wedding will take place November 18 in Italy--"All those details are correct," he says--and tells Us "proper security measures are being taken" to keep the vows private.
  2. Happy for them, about time:rolleyes: I guess tom was saying, "oh man, no ones talking about us anymore Katie, we got to do something, oh yeah, remember that Eiffle tower incident and that whole marriage thing we talked about?":lol:
  3. :death: Katie...RUN!!!!
  4. :lol::lol: too cute I swear I love all the smilies with that expression on the faces.
  5. Poor Katie.
  6. Katie! it's not too late! You can still change your mind!:wtf:
  7. I hope she is not making a big mistake.
  8. i don't know why they are marrying, soon they will divorce!

  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. Hmm....I'm probably in the minority here, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the pics....if we're allowed to see any, that is!
  11. I'm sure it'll work out find. If it doesn't it'll be just another hollywood divorce drama which seem pretty common now adays.
  12. ^^^What she said :yes: :lol: .
  13. Because MI III is coming out on video just about the exact time of the wedding. Great publicity for the video & more $$ for the scinos. very convienient timing don't you think.
  14. I agree with you on that one. Katie has noooo idea what she's getting herself into.:Push:
  15. Sounds great !!