Toledo Speedy 30~ Vs. Yellow Speedy 25!!!

  1. She arrived this morning...however I think she is too big for me and I do like my Noe better...Dh likes the speedy better....I cannot have 2 bags of the same I like bags in different colors...humpfffff
    She is pretty though....check her out!
    She sits next to my Epi Yellow 25...I thought this would help with comparisons of 25 versus 30. :shame:
  2. she's pretty..congrats!!!!
  3. ohhhh gorgeous...that is so awesome your collection is expanding and looks so nice!!!!!!
  4. Aaah...pretty yellow speedy.

    It does look big in comparison...almost like luggage.

  5. I Agree! I just showed DH....he said I thought that was the bag you wanted...I said I did but I think it is too big for me...I am 5"4 ...:wtf: ...may need to go to a new home:crybaby:
  6. i wish there was a size between the 2. the 30 seems huge to me and even though i love the 25 it sometimes seems a little small...
  7. very pretty bag
  8. Oooh pretty! Congrats! But, you're right, the speedy is colossal...
  9. So pretty!! Love the speedys!!! I don't think it's too big.
  10. I love the blue color.
  11. Wow, what a stunning pair!!
  12. You could always use Miss Blue for overnights or shopping - a time when you need a bigger bag... nothing wrong with two bags that are the same color, they are both different styles.
  13. Wow, I never realized there was such a difference between the 2.
  14. ^^^ me either! It is a big difference...The comments are right on about the sizes. The 25 is a little hard to get into and the 30 is roomy..:yes:
  15. OMG she's gorgeous she's also huge compared to the 25