Told I'd be able to use PCE After Today, Is that true??

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I live here in VA and I didn't receive a PCE card. I called the only Coach store in the area and they told me they wouldn't let me participate. They are always really rude every time I go in. Not friendly at all!

    Well, last week I had to travel to Philly for my job. I called the store there and the manager was SO NICE she told me she was happy to let me participate. I went in bought a ****load of stuff (pics to come in another thread =) ) but had to have my 2 ergos shipped.

    I'm back home now and my signature ergo came in and it's too big for me. I called my rude local store to ask them if I can bring in my sig ergo to return and then order the small size with the PCE.

    The SA told me that they will have them in the store ON THURSDAY and I could just do the exchange in the store. I said, but the PCE ends today and the dude said my manager said she'll allow you to do it.

    Is this possible guys? I'm so afraid I'm going to go in there and they are going to be like, No sorry.

    Any advice guys?
  2. Oh well you can't use the card after today but you can do an even exchange with something you bought before
  3. right, no using the card but you can exchange. and sorry to hear about the rude SAs, i get them all the time at my store too but oh well i usually get over it.
  4. I was told at my store that they aren't going to do any even exchanges. i.e. - if you buy something with pce and want to exchange, you will get your money back for what you paid for the pce item, then you purchase new item at full price.
    But a lot of people are having luck with the even exchange deal. I hope it works out for you, sounds like every store is doing it's own thing....
    Congrats on getting the PCE though!!
  5. ^not necessarily. i was told that, in order to get my ergo at pce price, i needed to buy something at the EXACT price of the ergo i wanted- and could do an even exchange once ergo came out. and considering it was the manager that told me that, i think it's okay.
  6. give it a try . . . at least you got PCE w/the other stuff right? i hope it works out. o and sry ur regular boutique SA was such a rude person, some of them can be that way :sad:
  7. kallison,
    I talked to the manager also - she said they weren't going to do even exchanges at my boutique :shrugs: . After reading how you were going to do that to get the ergo, I asked her - it was a no go here........
  8. hmm. don't know how they could really stop you from doing it...

    maybe it's just because the manager knows me over there and he knew he was gonna lose a sale if i couldn't use my pce on ergo? i don't know.
  9. Just don't bring in your receipt and ask to exchange it and it will be the same thing as doing an even exchange, right?
  10. yep make sure u dont bring in the receipt to be on the safe side and dont go in on the first day that they have the stuff.. and say it was a gift!
  11. You know, I'm actually really annoyed by the whole PCE experience this go around. It clearly says on the back of the card that Ergo is excluded. I hear all these stories from pf'ers about them being able to order Ergo stuff anyway, yet when I try to do it I'm told I can't.

    I think it's unfair that some stores don't adhere to the rules, and some do. It sucks.

    Lucky for those of you who were able to do it, but not so much for those of us who weren't. *bitter*
  12. well, my store wouldn't technically let me...i still have to make another trip out there to exchange for the ergo.

    maybe different managers/gm's have different takes on doing whatever they need in order to make the customer happy. kwim?
  13. I want to know which VA store was rude -- there aren't that many of them so knowing which one it was will be very helpful for me in the future. ;)
  14. I agree, the SAs at the Philly store were SO NICE and HELPFUL! Recommending bags and scarves, telling me what they think looks good, making sure I was okay while walking around. I was in there for over 2 hours and I even did a return the next day with NO PROBLEMS. I'm going to send them a card to show my appreciation. It saddens me that that was only a one time thing since Philly is over 6hrs from me and I have to come back to my rude store where they don't even acknowledge you when you walk in.

    if you are in Fairfax you have no worries. My rude store is in Norfolk, VA.

    Well, I think this would work if I was switching from small to big but I'm going the other way. So I spent 201 after PCE and the purse size I really want would be 144 after PCE. It's too late to go in now, but I really think I'm going to be denied when I go in on Thursday.

  15. I have to agree with you on this. The first time I went in, I was told no on the Ergo or perfume line. When I went in to pick up my first order, my SA let me order whatever I wanted. We had a chat about the rules, too, and we both agreed that if you're going to have rules, then they should be followed by everyone.