tokyogirl -advice on H pricing in tokyo

  1. Hi tokyogirl. From the posts I've read it seems that you are in tokyo. I will be going to tokyo next month and was wondering how are the prices in tokyo H stores. Would be interested in Kelly 25cm or Birkin 30cm. Also looking for a non-exotic jige or kelly clutch, a breloque and some cadenas? Any shopping inputs for H store or H reseller would be appreciated. Btw, how much is sales tax in tokyo?

    thanks in advance.
  2. Azalea, I will PM you.
  3. My 2 cents - I've a friend who bought a 30cm gold togo birkin at Shinjuku Isaetan H store at around 990,000Yen (tax included) last week.
  4. That's consistent with my conversation where I confirmed with an H SA today at the H Marunouchi store -- average it's around 103,000 yen for a 30 Birkin and 840,000 yen for a 28 Kelly.
  5. luvbirkin and tokyogirl...thanks so much for the info.
  6. If you're a tourist, you can get tax back instantly at the store. Just remember to bring along your passport. oh, btw tax is 5%.
  7. I travel to Tokyo all the time and I honestly wouldn't sugguest people buying Hermes over there. The mark-up is steep for imports (whether at Isetan or the Ginza store) and resellers tend to sell their bags at stratospheric prices. However, as tokyogirl mentioned in another post, if you are looking for something rare and unique (e.g. two-tone combos like rose indienne croc + beige rose croc), Loire and Mika is the way to go.
  8. twigz good to see you! :tup: