Tokyo Traveler...where are you!

  1. Hi tokyo, I hope you do not mind if I wellcome you here... let me know if you find us!
  2. I hope she finds this place soon. She is ever so passionate about her Hermes bags.;)
  3. we all hope to see her soon !
  4. Tokyo, I'll look for you in the morning! "see you soon!":flowers: :girlsigh: :tender:
  5. Advanced welcome to TT! Where are you???
  6. :welcome:

    Who would TT be? Someone I should know? :yes:
  7. Hi and yes!:flowers: she has been a good "poster" on the other thread, and we correspond frequently. she has a beautiful collection of hermes, and wonderful taste...I invited Tokyo to join here, I hope she will find her way here, I tried to give her the web info... but since I am "not so hot" with instructing people with the computer... :shrugs: :sad: maybe she needs a "pm" with better instructions. Tokyo Traveler is really nice:flowers:
  8. oh, I love meeting new hermes addicts!! I hope she starts posting here, too!!
  9. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!!! Can't wait to meet you TT!
  10. You're such a gent, Vlad, tipping your hat!
  11. TT? :ninja::shrugs::search:TT is :supacool: .:upsidedown:
  12. (Shopmom waving) TT? We're waiting for you!!!!
  13. welcome TT!!!

    hope you find us real soon.
  14. :yahoo: Hi everyone!! :yahoo: I made it!! :yahoo:

    Thanks so much for the very warm welcome from Avan, LaVan, Mrs Sparkles, Constance and everyone! I really appreciate it and look forward to posting on this website from hereon! :heart:

    So glad to see so many old friends here! :heart:
  15. Welcome TT!!! So glad you made it!!!
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