Tokyo Shopping!

  1. I searched and only found info for birkins, so I apologized if a topic like this has been already posted. Anywho, I'm going to be making a trip to Tokyo this Thanksgiving. My first trip was this past March, so now that I'm a little more familiar with getting around, I feel that this trip is my chance to be shopping adventurous. Aside from the very architectually interesting designer stores, do you ladies and gents have any suggestions for great places to shop? thanks :heart:
  2. Roppongi and Omotesando which probably only 1 or 2 blocks away from Harajuku has great high end designer boutiques. LV, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Chanel you name it they have it. And their architectural buildings and designs are awesome too especially in Roppongi. Same goes with their customer service though language barrials could be problems since they don't speak English very well. If you like high end stuff probably Roppongi would be a better choice to visit.

    If you want to shop at more funky place go to Harajuku or Shibuya. Shibuya 109 is my favourite store. They have 9 floors and oh man, the sales girls who work there are absolutely gorgeous not to mention stylish. They look like they walk straight out of those Japanese magazines ( Vivi, Cancam, JJ, etc ).

    If you like to shop for souvenirs like those Japanese dolls, paintings, ceramics, kimonos, etc go to Asakusa which you can go straight from the Narita airport, just take the escalator down, then take the express train it should take less than an hour to get there from the airport. It has some cheap, interesting souvenirs, accesories, etc.

    In Harajuku, you can find all those different funky Japanese street fashion and they are very affordable too. There's Daiso store in Harajuku where everything sells for 100 yen. Shinjuku also has some nice department stores. I usually stay at Shinjuku Washington everytime I go to Tokyo since it's very convenient and we just have to take the escalator down to reach the subway. The subway in Tokyo is super confusing. It's huge with so many exits, gates, entrances, different lines etc.

    If you like the night scenes, Ginza has some really cool night clubs, bars, etc. Odaiba is also interesting to see if you are tourist. It has replicas of Golden gate bridge, Statue Liberty, venice themed mall just like the venetian in Las Vegas. And a huge ferris wheel. Odaiba is so pretty at night with all the lights. Well, the rest of the city is so full of lights at night time.

    Anyways I love Tokyo. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay there especially if you love shopping.
  3. wow thanks eunika!!! the first time i went to tokyo we kind of played it safe with shopping (sticking to major streets: omotesando, chuo-dori in ginza). but this time i want to buy things that have the essence of tokyo, like seeing what the fuss is about over bathing ape stuff. the only thing i'm concerned with are sizes. i know from my last trip i couldn't buy any designer jeans since the largest size was 27 :sad: so i guess some major weight loss needs to be done. i think this time i want to see the smaller shops in harajuku and aoyama and definitely try out 109 since the last time we were in shibuya we didn't see hachiko! :sad: so now we need to go back to shibuya haha.

    coco-nut: thanks! i will definitely check out those threads. i always seem to have bad luck with searches. i feel like an ass posting repeat threads :sad:
  4. You welcome. P.S. here's a link to my fav Tokyo mall Shibuya 109 SHIBUYA109
  5. That's excellent information, Eunika! :nuts: Thank you very much for sharing! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

    I'm going to print out your post & it's going straight into my "Shopping Resources" file! Yes, I have such a file...:P :shame:
  6. Caley, I hope you'll have a fabulous time shopping in Tokyo! :yahoo: :wlae: Have fun!!!

    hmm...Omotesando must be an area with very high end designer boutiques. I recently came across a limited edition Bottega Cabat bag - in a beautiful beige pink! The purse inside the Cabat comes with a metal tag - it says it's a Limited Edition made just for the Omotesando store!
  7. thanks gigi! yeah omotesando has a LOT of designer stores. once you go outward of omotesando then you start seeing the more street style stores in harajuku. in harajuku and aoyama you find all the COOL looking designer stores. here's a pic i took of the tod's boutique on omotesando.

  8. Ohh! Japan is one of my dream places to visit!!! I would love, love, love to go to Japan, only my husband is not so excited. He refuses to go. I am definately taking a trip even if I have to wait for my oldest daughter to grow up so she can go with me.
    Ahh,. I love the way women in Japan dress and everything is so architecturally gigantic!
  9. You're welcome, Caley! :flowers:

    OH MY GOD...that huge building is a Tod's Boutique??? :shocked: I think I will go crazy if I ever go on a Tokyo shopping trip! :greengrin:
  10. Bagg, you can always go with girlfriends or...go alone & shop till you drop! I too love the idea of shopping with my daughter when she grows up! Still a long way for me as she's only 5 :smile:

    ahhh...if my hubby were to ask me what I want for Christmas or birthday, I might just ask him to sponsor a Tokyo shopping spree!:graucho:
  11. you should definitely go!!! this time i have a "shops to go to" list that's a mile long. my parents have already said "you're going on your own." lol so i think it'll be a fun day for me to wander around harajuku by myself. the people there are sooooo nice. what's funny is that you try to communicate with them and THEY are the ones who feel bad that they can't help you, even though WE'RE the ones who should know their language.

    eunika, i had NO idea 109 was a mall!!! i thought it was a dept. store. when i went to the website my reaction was literally :wtf: . i think this is going to be another place i have to go alone lol.
  12. I would say for street fashion stuff, go to Harajuku...either Takeshita Dohri (Takeshita Road) which is right near the train station or to a department store called Laforet which has all the famous street fashion brands like Hysteric Glamour, Milk, etc. And Shibuya 109 which is close to the train station has a lot of great stuff, too. There are other street fashion stores in Kichijouji, and I think there's a flea market in Harajuku on weekends, too. I also suggest Isetan department store in Shinjuku and Matsuya department store in Ginza. There's a huge Chanel store in Ginza and Ralph Lauren just opened its biggest store in Omotesando. If you're into Burberry, Japan is the only place you can get Buberry Blue Label stuff.

    Tokyo is a fashion forward place, and it's a huge city so pretty much wherever you go you will find something unique and fashionable.
  13. thanks chinchillamoose! in your opinion which is better: laforet or shibuya 109? or are they two completely different things. i did take a quick peek at isetan in shinjuku...its amazing the layouts of these department stores.