Tokyo`s current collection

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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to introduce my current Balenciaga collection. I don`t drink , dont smoke and don`t eat much and working hard ← these are my excuse to collect balenciaga bags:smile: I have been collecting my bags since 2005 right after I gave a birth to my first child, I saw a Black First in London on the street but I had no idear what it was then later on found out by a chance on said Balenciaga Lariat...! I obviously didnt know what it means but I even fell in love with the sound of Lariat:P. Then it was the beginning of my addiction. Here are my current collection. I change some of my collection quite often when I know that It is not me. However....I would like to share them to everyone here:flowers::flowers::flowers:

    Starting with RED Family

    05 Rouge Theatre Weekender & City, 06 Granat Work, 08 Ruby GGH PT, 2010 PH Pom Pom
    IMGP4825.JPG IMGP4823.JPG
  2. Flat Brass Family 1
    02 FBH Black linen, 02 FBH Chocolate, 02 FBF Black & Caramel
  3. Flat Brass Family2
    Le dix Pebbled leather Black Tote & First
  4. keep coming *M*, i think your collection doesn't stop here after the ledix pebbled. :P
    the fbf is sooooo beautiful isn't it. love your reds too.
  5. OMG !!! I NEED TO GRAB A LOT OF POP CORN :popcorn::popcorn: I KNOW YOU HAVE AN AMAZING COLLECTION... i can't wait to see your black ggh bags again :drool::woohoo::choochoo:
  6. Blue Family
    05 Turq City,05 Teal Blue City, 08 ElecBlue GGH PT,09 Tempete SGH PT & RH Work,
    2010 Outremer RH PT
    IMGP4838.jpg IMGP4834.JPG
  7. [​IMG] what a red goodness :drool:!!!
  8. My only Pink
    08 Amethyst GGH Midday
    IMGP4847.JPG IMGP4849.JPG
  9. [​IMG]

    Loving your blue family and lets be honest the whole collection!
  10. GOSH! love you're reds:love: btw, we're city twins ;)
  11. Thanks Delmilano & ChloeG, hihihi, keep comming! Stay tune!
  12. wowza!!!! yes please post a lot :drool:i can't stop drooling yummm
  13. oh my word!
  14. Wallets and Coins
    05 Metalic silver RH coin, 06 CornFlower RH Coin, 06 Grenat & Greige toilet case, 07 Vert Gazon RH Coin, 08 Ruby RH coin, 08 BoutonDor SGH Money, 08 Raisin RH Companion, 08 Mini coin Amethyst, 08 EverGreen GGH Companion
  15. Clutch small bag Family
    04 EggPlant Mini classique, 06 Lilac oval,07 mattlasse sienna, 09 Framboise SGH Flat handle