Tokyo Drift

  1. Tokyo is our last port of call before we head back to Australia. if Paris is the home of LV, Tokyo is the land of LV. they're pretty much a staple here and you will see all sorts too. i only managed to visit 4 of the 11 LV boutiques here:



    it was pretty quiet the day we visited. it was one of those very rare the days it snowed in Tokyo city.

    Seibu Department store:


    found this by accident while walking around Shibuya.



    its in a quiet street just near the main Ginza shopping quarter. its even got its own street sign:


    i was able to steal a photo of the trunk/light display too:

  2. Matsuya Ginza:


    this is located in Tokyo's #1 shopping street. they even block off the whole street on weekends. this boutique is probably their most strategic location. this is the only place that had the newest Spring bags like the new Limelights:


    the gold PM is very cute and the bronze/brown is quite versatile and understated :tup:

    i was also able to steal a photo of a Richard Prince bag :nuts:


    i think the sign says they're taking reservations or pre-orders. they also had the orange in the upper level. im really liking the yellow, the material feels like vinyl or cotton with a very glossy and smooth coating.

    also spotted: Mirage Griet, Motard Pochette (black), Motard Biker (grey/yelllow croc), Mirror and Vernis hearts and new cosmetic cases, miniature gold & silver Suhali Lockits, men's Spring Runway bags - black Bequia briefcase and sports bag, Soana Trotteurs and Cabas.

    i shall be posting pics of my little (and i do mean little) LV loot very soon :yes:
  3. OWWOW...nice..:tup: bet they have lot of SPECIAL LE...:heart:....
  4. Nice, thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm jelaous! :girlsigh:
  6. oh im so jealous of your travels!!!!

    thank you for the pics :smile: its really nice to see all the LVs around the world!
  7. :love: AHHHHH Tokyo is always sooo special! Love their displays!
    Thanks again D!
  8. Thanks for sharing these nice pics. I started a thread on LV store fronts, got inspired by your pics. :smile: It's nice to see different architecture from store to store, such that there is no cookie-cutter design for LV stores. :smile:
  9. Thanks for sharing, have a safe trip back home.
  10. nice field to view the pics of LV stores in japan :smile:

    i u plan your trip with a purpose to visit as many LV store as possible?
  11. aw home so soon I think you should be our LV around the world correspondant hope you had a great trip I look forward to seeing your haul
  12. Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  13. Very nice...thanks for sharing:tup:
  14. Lvoe love it! thanks for sharing
  15. I enjoyed your pictures. I grew up in Japan and miss it very much. Have a safe trip back and show us pics of your new treasures!