Tokyo bag?

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  1. I've seen a few references to the BV Tokyo bag on here recently, and then I saw this red one on eBay as well...

    It is probably no surprise to anyone that I am drawn to the style as it is reminiscent of my beloved Montaignes (yet different), and so I am wanting to know more about it. I take it isn't made anymore (and the eBay one seems to be from 2004), but was it made for long and therefore still a relatively recent style? Did it come in lots of colours? What are the dimensions? What did it originally sell for?

    (And no, I'm not going for the red one on eBay - it looks beautiful but I already have my carmino Montaigne!)

    I'm intrigued about the style... so any information would be greatly appreciated! TIA.
  2. The only thing I remember about this style is that there were also some non-woven ones in bright metallic colors. I remember seeing one on a sale table, but I was concerned about the square corners showing wear easily. They were cute bags though!
  3. I have a black non woven (only the straps are woven) one that I bought at Neimans spring 2006 for around $1400. I don't know what the woven one priced at. At the time I bought my bag Neimans was carrying only brown and black and the BV boutique in SF didn't carry this style. Hope this helps a little! And yes, the courners do show some wear, but since it's a solid black, it was easy to dye and the BV store took care of it!