Tokyo authentic resellers?

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  1. Hi there

    I'm going to Tokyo in one month, and wanted to know the names of authentic re-sellers there?
    Thank you somuch
  2. I'm not sure which ones are authentic resellers but I was in Tokyo in February and I saw several resellers in Ginza, however they were asking close to double than what they go for in an H boutique. So be aware it will be a significant markup.
  3. There are heaps of resellers in tokyo - Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku etc..

    best thing is to grab yourself a brand joy/brand bargain etc.. magazine as they have addresses in there of the resellers (in japanese). You could ask concierge to give you directions of where to go..

    If you walk around those above places i mentioned, you will see heaps, although some are located upstairs so check the signage they put out on the street
  4. thanks you guys..ill check them just worried about authenticity...and also i dont want to pay double..i dont mind buying used or vintage
  5. sukkar,

    Kasumi and Rene are both right. They do charge an arm and a leg here for bags like Birkins, can get a better price for Kellys though. But with the stronger dollar, it won't be as bad in the past. It's also worth it to go to the H boutiques here in Tokyo, if you are lucky, you may be able to find a Birkin (for cheaper than the resellers!)

    I personally like going to herpla in the ginza area.

    Feel free to PM me if you want more information, although I am certainly not an expert.
  6. As tokyogirl said, it is best you check out the actual H stores (although they will be slighter more expensive than US/Euro prices), however, they have quite a good range that is available that's not locked in the back room..

    You can sometimes easily find HACs/kelly/Birks on the floor, like i did, although it will then depend on your combination u want
  7. I assume you guys are talking only about bag resellers...what about scarves resellers?
  8. I am not aware of any resellers that specialize in scarves, although I would be interested in them. If anybody knows of any in Tokyo area, I would love to hear!

    BTW, often many H resellers not only carry H bags but also H accessories (scarves, cadenas, wallets, jewelry, etc.)
  9. Ooh -- I'm going to Tokyo at the end of July so I'll definitely check these out. DH will be working while we're there so I have all week to wander and shop! Although if the prices are higher than here in the US, it probably doesn't make much sense to buy...
  10. Thats what I ran into. I saw a gorgeous Black Chevre Kelly in the H boutique but it seemed much higher than in US. Sometimes I kick myself and think I should have just paid the extra cuz it was a FABULOUS bag.

    The resellers all have a lot of Croc and exotic bags but they want double.
  11. hi everyone,

    I am a newbie, so I may not be the most knowledgable person. I have, however, received several suggestions from friends of mine who reside in tokyo with lots of H bags. After a few months of birkin hunting at resellers, I have come across new bag prices from JPY 650,000 (older stamps E,G,H) to JPY1,500,000 (K stamp) for non-exotic birkin (i.e. USD5,300 to USD 12,300). There are replicas around, so you need to be very careful. I have followed the smell test & look for "presence" based on other members' suggestions. It seems to work so far.
    Aside from the tokyo resellers as suggested above, I have also come across this great store highly recommended by the brands mags. They don't have the colour I wanted, but it's a great store nevertheless. FYI, their website has some English info.

    if you look at the menu on the left, you will see that this reseller has been featured in a number of brands mag in tokyo. Prices are pretty high, but it's worth a visit. Lots of birkins in different sizes and colours. Also, they offer duty-free shopping, so you can get your 5% tax off.