Tokyo 28 February

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  1. Dear friends, I'm due to be in Tokyo for work on March 1st and since it will be my fist visit ever I'm taking advantage and arriving Sunday morning, the 28th. If anyone is up for a coffee or drinks with a Tokyo newbie please shout.
  2. LittleH - how long will you be there?
    i will be flying in on 3 mar and out on 6 mar
  3. Hi Robee! How I would have liked to meet you!!!! :hugs: Sadly I'm leaving for Seoul on monday evening, March 1st... next time!
  4. what a waste! ok, hope i go ldn soon or u visit sunny singapore :biggrin:
  5. I heard someone's coming to my way?
  6. Is anyone actually living in Tokyo? I might be transferred to Tokyo office for work and would like to know if there are any locals here on TPF? :biggrin: