Tokis on sale at Macys

  1. I was at Macy's last night in NJ (GSP) what they had left in Familigia was marked down about 40% and then an exra 15% is you had a coupon or used your macy's card.

    i was not a fan of the print but was so tempted to get something at this price but i resisted. I now wish i had gotten a bambione for DD but if we didn't like it, we shouldn't get the print right? :smile: LOL

  2. Anyone know when Macy's will have the new print? I went to Macy's today hoping they will put tutti on sale since the new print is out online, but no luck.... When will tutti go on sale???

    I wouldn't get it if I don't like the print.
  3. i'm dying for the tutti to go on sale, i really want this print. and when i checked macy's the other day nothing toki was on sale!
  4. same here... famiglia where I'm at aren't even on sale! i really don't know why either :sad: but yeah I needa get a bigger tutti bag... a dolce doesn't really have much on it
  5. Yeah I read this on the Tokidoki Blog . Thanks Stephanie ! I live in California , but when I spoke to my local Macy's they said they could'nt match that promotion because it is an East Coast Macy's . So I placed an order over the phone with Jackie , she was very helpful . Famiglia was'nt a must have for me when it first came out , and there so much left at department stores I knew it would only be a matter of time before it went on clearance. Maybe it will only be a matter of time before the West Coast Macy's have them on clearance but I did'nt want to take a chance of not getting one . When Tokidokis go on sale at my local Macy's they never last one day ! Besides at 55 % off how can you resist ?
  6. The freakin staten island mall in new york city doesn't have the familigia at a lower price!!!! It's only at hearld square also in new york city!
  7. Yah I totally got a famiglia bag now since it was on sale! I don't love the print so I waited and waited :biggrin:
  8. The Queens Center Mall has the Famiglia print on sale...not much left though, a ciao ciao and a few BVs...all the qees were gone though.
  9. I hope Tutti doesnt go on sale! then I wont be able to find my gioco or zucca!
  10. TokidokiAngel: Congratulations! What bag style did you get?

    SpaceGal: Last time I was at the Macy's at the Queens Center Mall, they didn't have any Tokidokis! I can't believe none of them have their qees!
  11. nyshopaholic: I got a famiglia campeggio :biggrin: It's my favorite bag style.

    I was also at QC Mall and I bought a Tutti BV. Not on sale but I used my 20% coupon. It was missing the Adios keychain and I asked the sales girl if I could take one off a trasporto and she was like "umm no you can't do that" and she gave me a bear qee instead. Ah well.

    Now I just need something in vacanze ... still behind on that.
  12. yay! got a bv on sale in famiglia. it was missing the qee, but the sa was kind enough to let me have one from another bag. last night at herald sq. they had one other bv, some canguro, and a nuvola. it wasn't my fave print, but something about the low price-- came up around $80 makes it a new hit in my collection. really enjoying it.:yahoo:
  13. I don't live in NYC but my mom and aunt check the stores for me. And I mentioned Famiglia being on sale to them and when they went to Queens Center they had them...but in previous trips neother of them ever saw them there. Weird. Either way sucks that the qees are taken off like that. Maybe you can argue for discount. :smile:
  14. My local Macy's stores don't even carry ANY Toki at all.

    It's so lame. I always have to order online, which means I never get to choose my placement. And I never get them on sale.

  15. I just ventured out to Macy's today to look and yeah that is what I found out. Apparently none around hear carry them. I was soo excited to go and look too. :crybaby:I drove an hour away just for bitter disappointment. Don't worry though, I did some retail therapy to make *some* of the pain go away :upsidedown: